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Review: A Thousand Letters

A Thousand Letters A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart
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6 STARS. That's almost all you need to know. I'll give this a proper review tomorrow. I have to gather my thoughts.

6 Time Stopped Stars

"Braveness isn't always loud. Sometimes it's silent. There's braveness in sacrifice and kindness. It's in doing a thing that needs to be done, even though it's hard, and even though it hurts."

I can't think of a book that has left me so emotionally gutted that can compare to this. A Thousand Letters is beautifully written, well told, and so full of emotion that I would have sworn I was right there next to Elliot and Wade.

I couldn't speak or think or feel anything but his presence when he was near.

Have you ever found that person who completes you? And I don't say that to sound corny or cliche or whatever. I mean it. Have you? Have you ever felt so apart and distant from every one and everything around you and you know it all fell apart the moment your other half, your one true love left to pursue something bigger? Because that's Elliot and Wade. Each character suffering in silence. Each suffering because they have never tried to piece together the love they once shared. The love that was so deep, so complete, so real that nothing and no one could ever fill that hole.

I didn't recognize him, and yet the familiarity of him sang to me, called to me.

Seven years. Seven years from the moment they walked away from each other until they came face to face again. And the circumstances are so far beyond ideal that I can't even describe them. Wade and Elliot aren't in each other's lives by chance or circumstance. They are back in each other's lives because nothing brings people together quite like illness and death. Elliot and Wade have to find their footing with one another while trying to sort through their feelings of the situation they find themselves in. It's an ugly, bumpy, beautiful journey. One that had me in tears more than once.

And she was there, by my side, as lost and broken as we all were, backing away, trying to disappear again when she held a place next to us. I couldn't let her do it, couldn't let her shrink away. So I stopped her, took her hand not knowing that it was me who needed her.

Wade is broken and torn and full of regret. He is full of pain and love. When faced with Elliot after seven years, he isn't sure how to handle her presence. He made some rash decisions when he was eighteen. She broke his heart when she was only seventeen. How can he get past that? How can he fight his way out of darkness he has buried himself in? What about Elliot? This couple, this love endures more than most. It spans years.

He kissed me with a thousand promises on his lips
First kiss or last kiss or any kiss in between, this is how a man should kiss a woman. Especially the woman he loves. Everyone should be kissed this way at some point in their life.

"You left a mark on my soul I couldn't erase."

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