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Velvet Reed EB

Title: The Rhythm of my Heart

Series: The Heart Series - Book 1

Author: Velvet Reed

Expected Release Date: Late May, 2014

Cover Designed By: Sprinkles on Top Studio


♥ Synopsis ♥

Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the world at her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what's most important: her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone—that one great, passionate love who values family as much as she does.

Cole Tierney loves his life. He has a wonderful family, a loyal best friend and a successful career as an ER doctor. The only downside is he wants someone to share it with. After being used and left heartbroken, he wants to find someone who will love him for him and not his or his family's status.

"Every beat my heart makes is for you. Every time it beats faster it's because of you—because you're near me, because of your smile—because you take my breath away."

Their two hearts collide by chance and an undeniable connection is quickly made. But when others are plotting against their happiness, will their love flatline, or will the rhythm of their hearts continue to beat as one?

Velvet Reed FW

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♥ Author Bio ♥

Velvet Reed is the pen name of an avid book lover, reviewer and blogger who has turned writer.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; she is a city girl at heart but loves the laid back lifestyle of living in country New South Wales. Married to her first and only love, she is a devoted mother of three who juggles her very active children and their many extracurricular activities, working in the middle of the night, running a blog, and writing.

Velvet's love of reading was realised only 3 short years ago after the death of her amazing father. She used the escape into the fictional world to help her through her grief and post natal depression, not releasing the great impact so many talented authors would have on her life.

The Rhythm of my Heart is her debut novel and book one in The Heart Series.


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Hooked on books
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Title: Hit the Wall (Blythe College #2)
Author: Rochelle Paige
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2014
Cover Designer: Kari Avasha at Cover to Cover Design


Jackson thought he knew what love was and feels like he missed his chance at happiness. He realizes he wasted his chances by chasing after one-night stands instead of going after what he really wanted.
Kaylie knows what loss feels like and doesn't want to take a chance on love. She puts up walls to keep her heart protected from experiencing that kind of pain again.
What happens when a guy who refuses to lose out again meets a girl who resists him as much as she can? Will Jackson be able to hit the wall Kaylie has put up and knock it down?

“What the fuck?!” I heard as the door was thrown open. My jaw dropped at the sight of Jackson Silver in Sasha’s room. I never would have thought he had it in him to care enough about any woman to get into a shouting match with her the way he blew through all the girls on campus, except maybe his sister and her best friend. Not that I didn’t totally get why so many girls went crazy over him with his tousled blond hair, wicked blue eyes and insanely hot body. But he was the epitome of love ‘em and leave ‘em, never spending more than a few nights with the same one.
“Ummmm…” I stuttered in response.
“You don’t want to get in the middle of this, little girl,” he growled at me.
I glanced at Sasha, who was standing behind him with tears streaking down her cheeks. She was usually so perfectly put-together, but she looked a total wreck right now with her hair mussed up and mascara smudged everywhere. She wasn’t my favorite person in the world, but it seemed like she could use a little bit of help right about now.
Push the Envelope (Blythe College #2)


I absolutely adore reading - always have and always will. My friends growing up used to tease me when I would trail after them, trying to read and walk at the same time. If I have downtime, odds are you will find me reading or writing.
I am the mother of two wonderful sons who have inspired me to chase my dream of being an author. I want them to learn from me that you can live your dream as long as you are willing to work for it.
When I told my mom that my new year's resolution was to self-publish a book in 2013, she pretty much told me "About time!"

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads Author Page | Website

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facebookcover (6)  

Title: Sins of Silver
Authors: Pepper Winters and Chantal Fernando
Genre: A Biker Dark Romance
Expected Release Date: August (ish) 2014


I’m the judge and jury and executioner. I live where no laws or rules apply. I obey no one. I sell merchandise and trade in commodities, including women. I cast no illusions or offer fake apologies—I don’t pretend to be a good guy. I’m a businessman, and a biker. Silver Serpent MC are my family; the only people I care about. The day I set eyes upon the sweet perfection of Cleo Price I knew it would be one sale I’d enjoy. Too bad I didn’t stick to my own rules: No using the merchandise. No getting caught. And above all else--no going against family. *** A story of lawlessness and sin. Brutal and raw and completely unapologetic. Not suitable for people who don't enjoy violence, non-consensual sex, and harsh language.  

Sins #1

Sins #2

Pepper Winters

avatar FB

Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex.  She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. Her debut book Tears of Tess will be followed with Quintessentially Q. You didn’t think Q could stop so soon, did you? Her other two titles, Last Shadow and Broken Chance will be coming soon.

Chantal Fernando


New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is twenty six years old and lives in Western Australia.
When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.


Sins of SIlver cover-2

Release Blitz Image

Becca finally found her courage and faced her tormentors head on to get what she deserved: respect and Tyler Conklin. Becca’s faith in Tyler is solid, but is he willing to completely open up to her? They both have past baggage, and as Becca says, Tyler’s is particularly old.
With everything they have been through, Becca and Tyler know that secrets get them nowhere. They have made great leaps and bounds in their relationship, but Becca can’t help but feel he is still keeping something from her. Between the local detective snooping around and asking questions at the Conklin building and Tyler’s evasive answers, Becca remains skeptical about his excuses. The detective seems more interested in Tyler’s father’s “projects”, but Tyler’s hands seem to be in the pot as well.
Unfortunately, Tyler’s past comes back in his face along with his shady business. Will Becca hold true to her new found confidence and claim what’s hers… including Tyler?



Brooke Page is a newly Independent author of Conklin’s Blueprints. She and her husband live with their two children in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When she is not writing or spending time with her beloved family, she enjoys using the pottery wheel and reading. For more projects and insights on upcoming books and events, please visit Brooke Page at any of the links below. 

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Let’s Play Blast From the Past!!! 
“Cue cheesy game show music”

Host: Today we are lucky enough to have the Lovely Conklin Brothers!!!!  (*claps enthusiastically*)
Nathan: Thank you for having us.
Host:  Now guys, I don’t know if you know how this game works, but I am going to ask you questions about your younger years, and you have to answer for each other. If you answer correct, you get a point.  Whoever has the most points wins!
Mitch :  What do we win?
Host:  *Blinks rapidly*  Um… a Once Upon a Crush T-shirt?
Mitch: Shoot, was hoping it would be date with you. (Winks at Once Upon a Crush host)
Host: *Blushes*
Tyler: Stop flirting Mitch.
Nathan:  Yeah save it for after I beat you this game.
Mitch:  Whatever… (glares at both brothers, then winks and smiles at Once Upon a Crush host again)
Host:  *blushes again and clears throat* OKAY!  Let’s get started! The first question is for Tyler!  What was Tyler’s favorite cereal as a kid?  Nathan?  What’s your guess?
Nathan:  *looks puzzled*  Lucky Charms?
Mitch:  No, it was Cocoa puffs.
Nathan:  Is this a collaborative answer?
Host:  No, answer individually, but you can have the same answers.
Mitch:  Definitely Cocoa Puffs.
Nathan:  I’m going to stay with Lucky Charms.
Host:  Okay Tyler, what’s the correct answer?
Tyler:  Neither, I always had frozen waffles.
Nathan:  Damn it, that’s right!
Tyler: *laughs*
Host:  Okay, this question is in regards to Mitch.  What was Mitch’s favorite toy in elementary school.
Tyler:  *Rubs face*  His saga?
Nathan:  I’m going to go with his red fireball yo-yo.
Mitch:  (To Nathan) Oh my God, how do you remember that?
Nathan:  Because I know everything.
Host:  Is that the correct answer?
Mitch:  Yes, I am going to go with the yo-yo.
Nathan:  *throws fist in air at dinging noise. *
Host:  *laughs* Okay, next question!  What class was Nathan least favorite in high school.
Tyler: *smirks* History.
Host:  You said that fast, Tyler.
Tyler: Ask Nathan who the 16th president of the United States was.
Nathan: *throws head back* Are you ever going to let that go?
Tyler:  *grins wider and shakes his head no*
Mitch:  I am going to go with History as well.
Host: Nathan, are they correct?
Nathan:  *smirks and glares at both Mitch and Tyler*  Yes, history was my least favorite subject.  (Tyler laughs out loud)
Host:  Is there a story behind your answer?
Nathan:  *Rolls his eyes*  These two are assholes, that’s the story.  I miss understood a trivia question once at a company party.  We were drinking and  I wasn’t paying attention. (Nathan trails off and waves his head)
Tyler:  Keep telling yourself that big brother. (Nathan glares at Tyler and waves him off again)
Host:  Okay, back to Tyler!  Who was Tyler’s first kiss?
Nathan: *Laughs out loud, then pauses with a huge grin, eyeing Tyler*  I don’t think I should share my first inkling… but I am going to go with Karmen Pincher.
Mitch:  Wasn’t that one of our Nanny’s daughters?  I remember it!  I was hiding behind the couch!
Nathan: *leans over laughing* Yes!  That’s kind of Tyler’s thing.
Once Upon a Crush: *looks confused*  What’s Tyler’s thing?
Tyler: *Glares and shakes his head in dissaproval*  Nothing.  You’re an asshole, Nathan.
Host:  Well, is that correct, Tyler?
Tyler: *nods head reluctantly*
Host:  I feel like I am missing something?
Nathan:  It’s not important.  *smirks and laughs to himself*
Host:  *shrugs* Okay… next question.  Who was Tyler’s first kiss?
Mitch:  Wasn’t it Lindsey Burny?
Nathan: *Laughs out loud* Burny? As in Miss Burny’s daughter?
Mitch:  Yeah she was one of our nanny’s daughters.
Tyler:  *Glares at Nathan who is laughing hystarically*
Host:  Did I miss something?
Tyler:  No, Nathan is an asshole.
Nathan:  Let’s just say it’s Tyler’s thing.
Host:  What’s Tyler’s thing?
Tyler: *rolls eyes at Nathan. *
Nathan:  Nevermind.  Lindsey Burny is my answer as well.
Host:  Tyler?
Tyler:  Lindsey is correct.
Host:  The next question is regarding Mitch.  When did Mitch first lose his… you know…
Nathan:  He still hasn’t.
Mitch:  Dude, come on!
Tyler:  Are we looking for an age?
Host:  Yes age, and if you know who that is a bonus.
Nathan: sixteen, to Lindsey Burny!
Tyler:  *gapes and mitch* seventeen, with Lucy from across the street.  You were bragging about it when you came to visit Nathan and me in Michigan.
Host: Well Mitch?
Mitch:  *Bites lip*  It was with Lindsey and I was sixteen.  She came to visit and I worked my magic.
Tyler:  Are you kidding me?
Nathan: *laughs as Mitch shrugs his shoulders*
Host:  So Nathan is in the lead with correct answers!  This next question is regarding Nathan.  What cartoon was Nathan’s favorite?
Mitch:  Doug?
Tyler:  I’m going to with Ninja Turtles.
Host:  What’s the correct answer Nathan?
Nathan:  I was all about Leonardo.  Ninja Turtles are correct!
Host:  Alright, one more question for the win.  This pertains to Mitch since Tyler and Nathan are tied.  If Mitch were a superhero, who would he be? 
Tyler:  Superman?
Nathan:  He would totally be Iron Man.
Host:  Mitch?
Mitch:  Iron Man.  Dude gets all the ladies.
Nathan:  YES!  *Jumps from the seat and throws hands in the air*  Once again, I am the winner!
Host:  Thank you gentleman for joining us today and playing Blast from the Past! 
Nathan:  Thank you for having us!  And, I wear a size medium.
Host:  *Laughs out loud*  Is he always like this?

Tyler and Mitch:  YES.

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Book title: More Than Him
Author: Jay McLean
Series: More #3
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release date: January 28, 2014
Hosted by: Forever Me Romance

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." - Marianne Williamson

We live in a world of darkness and shadows,
where monsters hide and aim to ruin.
And they did.
They ruined us and turned our dreams into nightmares.
But now we're back.
And we're fighting.
Not just for us, or for each other, but for our light.

~So Much More Than 5 Stars~

“She turned her head and lifted her chin to face me. Her smile caught me off guard. Our eyes locked. Then: Thump. Thump. But it was different this time. Not nerves, or anxiety. It was like the world’s way of telling me that I was alive, and to pay attention” ~ Logan

This is the third book in this series, and the whole gang is back, thank God! I missed these characters too much. Amanda, Logan, Micky, Jake, Cam, Luce, Ethan, Tristan they’re all back. This is book two of Amanda and Logan’s story. It picks up directly where we left off in More Than Her. I was heartbroken at the end of More Than Her and the heartbreak overflows right into this next book. Jay McLean has brought these characters to life in such a way to me, they’re real. I felt all of their pain, suffering, heartbreak, frustration, longing, I need to stop there. I read More Than Him in two settings, yep I said two.While reading More Than Him I felt like a voyeur. Has that ever happened to you as a reader? I get so engrossed in a story sometimes, I feel like I’m in it, watching it play out in front of me...I was so entranced with this story, everything outside of it faded away. The reasoning, I adore these characters, I have fallen in love with each one of them. I bask in the hilarity of the conversations and situations they find themselves in. The dialogue is beautiful, heartbreaking; gut busting funny, haunting and realistic. Sometimes as beautiful as it is dialogue in a story can seem scripted, in More Than Him, it’s so real and unfiltered. For me, this makes it even more powerful and effecting. The agony in parts is palatable and hangs thick in air. You can almost taste the fear. Jay’s style of writing calls to me, as a reader and I am addicted.

More Than Him was extremely emotional and beautifully written. We are given more insights into Logan’s past and his reasoning behind his decisions. We watch Amanda struggle with her emotional scars and healing, while missing and hating Logan. Waiting for these two to figure it all out is painful and frustrating, but in the best possible way. I cried reading Logan’s recounts of his past, his journal entries. His journal entries are touching and made my heart ache. His self doubt, guilt, his memories, they are eating him alive from the inside out. I wanted to hold him, and reassure him that it would be okay. He broke my heart in his suffering. Logan however is finally diagnosed with PTSD and undergoing treatment. Logan’s perseverance, loyalty and determination are inspiring. Amanda’s ability to forgive, trudge forward and love unconditionally will leave you in awe.

“You know, one day, baby, I’m going to take your nightmares and turn them into dreams.”          ~Amanda

“He threaded his fingers through my hair and moved it away from my face. “It means shadow passes, light remains. You’re my light, Amanda. In a life full of shadows, and darkness, and monsters, you’re my light. When the blackness fades and the memories subside, you’ll be there. You’re always there.” ~ Logan

This is a wonderfully written love story. Logan and Amanda’s love will touch you, deep down on a very basic level. It is love in its purest form. It’s not perfect, but love is never perfect, it’s messy, painful, and unrelenting. These two characters that against ALL odds should have never made it to the other side, struggle and stumble to make it right, to be happy. The point here, they try. They really try.

“He held me tighter. “We got a lot of shit to work through.” “Yeah,” I agreed. “But once we do we’re going to be amazing” ~Amanda and Logan

The ending is poignant and touching. It leaves you grinning. I was warm and fuzzy finishing this one. I cannot possibly tell you how badly you need to read these books.

“I loved them and will re-read them eleventy three times.” ~  Angie

Made by Natasha from Forever Me Romance 

More Than This (book 1)

More Than Her (book 2)

More Than Him (book 3)

Author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels, MORE THAN THIS, MORE THAN HER, and MORE THAN HIM. I enjoy reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry and swoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing either of those, I can be found looking after my two little boys, and trying to avoid house work at all costs.

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