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4.75 Stars! 

First of all this book should come with a warning at the beginning. 

~"Warning, may melt reading device or burn reader, please read in a dark corner!"~

Matt and Hannah are writing partners online, they have never met. They also have rules, no personal information. They're a writing a novel together and the only things they discuss are novel related...that is until Matt gets a glimpse of Hannah, via her email profile picture. Oh yes this were things get a little "steamy" *Fans Self* *Sticks Head in Fridge*.

Matt is a bestselling author, but he's known to his readers only as M. Pierce, a clause in his contract, he himself enforces. His identity know to very few. He wields his privacy like a shield of armor. 

Hannah is an aspiring writer, trying to break into publishing. When the two discover each other as more the writing partners, "We Have Lift Off"! They try to fight the urge to seek each other out, quench their thirst for each other in "other ways". But some chemistry in undeniable, and when the two finally meet... the perfect storm is born.

The scenes in this book aren't steamy, they are blazing! The heat radiates off the page. The sex scenes are written, in a raw, unapologetic hand. Basic Primal Instincts are explored. These scenes are not polished, flowery, or even a hint romantic, but they will make, you *squirm* *blush* *looks over shoulder*. 

"In you go little bird, get on your hands and knees. I'm going to take you from behind."

The sex scenes in this book were the only parts that were raw. The writing in every other scene is beautiful, and almost poetic in their prose and flow. This book has excerpts that will stay with me forever. 

"There is no such thing a loneliness. There is only the idea of loneliness"

"It's true. He smiled. "But sadness is truer. Whatever else life contains, it's sad because it has to end. But life would be hell if it went on forever." "Or Heaven," he murmured."

This book has conflict, drama, deceit, emotions by the million, mystery, kinky sex scenes, seduction and eroticism. Matt and Little Bird are not perfect, not by a long shot, and their journey in this book is a rough one. This story made me very emotional, when I finished, I needed to vent to anyone who would listen.

"I won't say the pain inside me dulled. Rather I came to expect it."

"My heart wasn't made of paper. That was fiction. This was my life."

I'm telling you as an avid reader, if you go into this book with an open mind, you will devour it! I read in two sittings and stayed up till midnight to finish. This is not a typical love story, but the writing is so beautiful and eloquent, it made me misty eyed. I loved it. So why do you ask did I give it 4.75 stars and not 5? The very,very end. The epilogue to be exact! MF to the extreme! That being said I CANNOT wait for the next book, please tell me there will be another book? I need another book! *pleads*


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Fan Girl Book Blog's First Official  Author Interview

Happy Official Release Day
Tamara Mataya! 
Tamara Mataya is currently a librarian; she lurked there for so long recommending books to patrons and shushing people, that she suspects they only hired her so it would be less creepy. Now she's armed with a name tag, and a thin veneer of credibility. She's also a musician with synaesthesia - which isn't an issue until someone plays a wrong note, which makes her want to squirm inside out. It makes for a good live show.

Connect with Tamara:
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Author Page
Tamara Mataya was generous enough to sit down with little ole' me and answer a few of my questions, and I plan to share all of the wonderful experience that is her!!!! Thank You, Thank You! Considering the fact that I am really new to all of this, it truly blows my mind. She is generous, witty, and extremely intelligent. I felt like I was having coffee and chillin' with a great girlfriend (Which BTW, I totally was!) This woman is seriously talented, and soon everyone else is going to know it too! 
Everything we discussed is here, unedited and the way it should be! Meet a fantastically talented new author, enjoy!

    My Jayne
A ~ I loved The Best Laid Plans from the moment I read it the first time. Where did your inspiration for the plot come from? This story is unlike anything I've read, it's completely unique.
T ~ Thank you!! I actually wrote the scene where Malcolm goes back to Jayne's place, but leaves right away first. And I thought - wow. What would make someone do that? What's the story behind that? (trying not to be spoilery here haha). But that was the scene that came to me first, and I worked the rest out after that.
A ~ What drove you to become an author?
T ~ There was never a conscious decision to become a writer. I always wrote stories, and had a wild imagination. But it wasn't until a couple years ago that the desire grew to a need, and I HAD to write. 
A ~ Do you have a writing ritual?
T ~ Nope

A ~ How much of yourself goes into a book when you write? Personality, Humour, Personal Experiences, Preferences, *wink* *wink*?
T ~ Each book is different, but all of them carry bits of me in them, though I am not my characters. TBLP was my 6th full length manuscript. Some are more parts of me, some have things I've been through. Let's just say I WAS Jayne in high school. I got stabbed with a pencil. My quote for the yearbook? '*school name* is like a trainwreck. It's not that bad unless you were in it.'

A ~ Malcolm Black is surely going to be on every ones lust list after reading The Best Laid Plans, how do you feel about readers lusting and fantasizing about a character you created?
T ~ {{purr}}
A ~ Jayne is an extremely different type of female MC in this genre. She is strong willed, smart, accomplished, and is very well aware of what she wants. She does have some self doubt, like every woman, but to me she seems very "Real". Is Jayne modelled after someone you know? How did she come to life for you as a writer?
T ~ Thank you!! She isn't modelled after anyone, but I wanted to make a strong female character. I'd read about three sexy romances in a row where the woman was a virginal, inexperienced, naive little thing, and the love interest was  an alpha billionaire. I have nothing against those types of books, there are GREAT examples of that (like Laurelin Paige's Fixed trilogy), but I wanted something different. I thought, why aren't there more romances where the woman is the financially successful alpha businesswoman, and the guy is the artistic one? I decided to make them both successful at their careers, because I didn't want money to be a draw for either of them. I wanted her strong and flawed, and thought - what if she'd been an ugly cygnet?  
A ~ How difficult is it to sit down, and write a book? Not only that but where do you even start?
T ~ It's not that hard in theory - no one flying tackles you out of your chair at the penultimate chapter. But there are a thousand distractions in the day. I caught shit from someone in a forum one time, because I told them that if they treat writing like a hobby, it will always be a hobby. But it's true. Time and inspiration don't magically appear because you decide to write a book! You have to make time, and sacrifice other things. Are there movies I'd like to see but haven't because I need those two hours to write? Yes. Do I stay home most of the time instead of hanging out with friends? Absolutely. They are self-imposed restrictions, but you have to treat it like work. If a girlfriend called you up at your job and asked you to blow it off, you might get away with it a couple times. But habitually bumping writing (or any other passion) down the priority list means that you are putting other things above them. Until you "make it" a lot of people will say, 'Oh, you're JUST writing.' There is no JUST when it's your passion. MAKE time for it - UNREPENTANTLY!

A ~ How did it feel, and what did you think the first time someone read your work, and went all Fan Girly on you?
T ~ I tend to be suspicious of praise, so I'm always like, 'Really? okay, you love it. What did you REALLY think of it?' My parents never flattered me with praise, instead they pointed out ways to improve. I tend to expect criticism with the praise. Sometimes I think my critique partners assume I'm digging for compliments when I ask 'what else? Did you hate ___?'  haha
A ~ Some indie authors, have troubles with stalkers and weirdos are you concerned?
T ~ I think I tend to be the weirdo creative type in the room, so not really. I know how to fight, I have a big dog, and a husband who knows martial arts. I've been attacked before, and choked my attacker out. I refuse to live in fear of something that may or may not happen. I'd prefer not to know the sky is falling until it's an inch above my head. ;)

A ~ How important do you think the main characters are to the success of a story? This may sound like a stupid question, but I have read quite a few (maybe a tonne) of books that I really enjoyed but was frustrated and annoyed by one or more then of the main characters? I mean some of them I actually hated.... and  Can a great plot save rotten characters???
T ~ I'm the same way! I think characters are important, but they can't be the only thing in the story. Its like, Angelina Jolie walks into the room. And does NOTHING. BOOOORING! She walks into the room, and starts doing an interpretive dance while reciting Ginsberg's Howl? THAT is something to see! I've read books where I hated the story, but loved the characters. I've read books where I hated the characters, but the writing was so beautiful it snagged me. I think the key is finding a balance where you have great characters, solid writing, and a plot that gives the characters something to do. Those tend to be my favourite books. Amazing Characters, Plot, Writing -  I think you need 2/3.   

A ~ Romance Novels have existed forever. What do think caused the explosion of renewed popularity within the genre?
T ~ I think even as we in society grow more cynical and jaded, people still seek love. People still want a Happily Ever After. I don't think interest ever left the genre, but with eReaders and eBooks growing, more people are able to give into their 'guilty pleasures' without feeling embarrassed about liking romance. I think it's silly - read what you want, and screw anyone judging you for it. I have no guilty pleasures. The things I love, everyone knows!

A ~ What are some of your favorite books you have read this past year, and what genre do they fall into? A lot of authors read outside of the genre that they write...
T ~ Melanie Harlow's Speak Easy changed my mind about Historical Romance. With a few exceptions, I disliked historical, and never went looking within that genre for something to read. But her solid writing, amazing characters I rooted for, smoking hot sexytimes, and the dangers of being in prohibition as a bootlegger's daughter? BLEW ME AWAY! I'm a bookslut - I read nearly every genre, and all categories. I'm a librarian and LOVE recommending books to people. I hate when someone asks me to recommend something in a genre I'm limited in. The one I read the least of, is modern literary fiction.
A ~ How important do you think bloggers and fans, word of mouth, are to a newly published author or even established well know authors?
T ~ Vital. WOM is the best, most reliable form of advertising, and I wish more authors appreciated when someone takes the time to praise a book, and recommend it to a friend. I've read horrible books based on WOM. I've read amazing books based on WOM. The point is, I may not have ever picked those books up if it hadn't been for a friend/ co-worker/ review/ patron at the library telling me I NEED to read ___ book. The most important thing you can give someone is your time. Thank you for all you do, and for all the time and effort you put in to promoting the books you love. <3

A ~ Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter for example?
T ~ I don't use these for sales, but they are great for connecting with people, and finding out what's happening in the writing community, and for letting people know what's happening.

A ~ Indie Publishing and Traditional Publishing are so incredibly different? How did you make your decision on how to publish The Best Laid Plans?
T ~ I think that everyone's path is different. Some people want control of everything. Some are happy with going with the flow of a Trad deal. I'm going to be a hybrid because I want ALL the experiences! I'd have self-pubbed TBLP, but I loved what my editor thought of it, and her vision for it as well. If I hadn't liked what her thoughts were, or if she'd have tried to make it into something it isn't, I'd have turned down my deal. You absolutely have to do what's right for the book.

A ~ As a newly published author, what are you biggest fears?
T ~ You know that scene in The Princess Bride, in Buttercup's nightmare, where that old woman Boos her in the crowd? That.

A ~ Who is your writing mentor, or hero, we shall call it? 
T ~ I don't really have one. It's like singing. I have people I admire, but no one I strive to be like.

A ~ If you could meet one author IRL and FanGirl all over them, who would it be and why?
T ~ Any of my writing friends/ critique partners. :)

A ~ What tips would you give to someone asking you, about how to write their first book?
T ~ Your words are important. The laundry can wait. 

A ~ Would you ever compromise your vision and voice for a publisher that doesn't "feel" your story?
T ~ No. I would never take a deal just to take a deal. There are times when someone else's vision can make your work stronger. But if a tweak wasn't right for the story, no. I'd walk.

A ~ Who is Malcolm Black and Jayne, modelled after, you always have a vision that inspires your creation, who were yours for Jayne and Malcolm?

T ~
Malcolm: A younger Beiron Andersson
Jayne: A curvier Barbara Meier

A ~ Will fans see more of Jayne and Malcolm in the future? Will they be getting another book?
T ~ I wrote it originally as a stand-alone. But you never know...

A ~ What are your favorite scenes and or quotes from The Best Laid Plans?
T ~ can't choose! 

A ~ How attached to your characters do you become when creating their story?
T ~ It's sad when the book is over. You love with these characters for as long as you're writing the book, thinking about them and their lives, immersing yourself. When the book is done, it's like a best friend moving away. 

A ~ How did you feel the first time you read a review, after your book went live?

A ~ With the official release of The Best Laid Plans set for tomorrow, what are you most excited for??
T ~ Having a book Out There. I'd really like it to be an escape for people. Hopefully they like it, and it can take them away from a crappy situation, or give them an hour's break from a stressful day. 

A ~ What are you currently writing? Or are you taking a much needed break?
T ~ A break? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I'm working on a few things right now, different genres/ categories. 

A ~ Do you read all of the reviews posted on the social networking sites, and how do you handle the negative? Bullying within the genre has been happening a lot as of late? What's you take on this situation?
T ~ Writers aren't supposed to read the reviews. Reviews are for readers. but I'm like a cat. There will always be negative reviews - but it's subjective! Bullying is BULLSHIT. End of. Some people act like the most vicious opinion wins. But I try to keep in mind it really is subjective. Go look at your fave book. Check out all the 1 stars and hatred. Now go look at a book you HATED. Check out all the 5 stars and love. SUBJECTIVE. 
I hope you enjoying reading this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it! If you need purchase links to The Best Laid Plans, they are attached to this post below! Thanks for stopping by and meeting Tamara!
The Best Laid Plans is LIVE everywhere, go buy it NOW!!

The Best Laid Plans 
Tamara Mataya
 Jayne Griffin isn’t looking for Mr. Right. She’s looking for Mr. RTFN and a toe-curling good time. She’s got the brains, the powerful job as a futures broker, and thanks to a makeover and a thin book of dating advice, the confidence to turn any man’s head.

Malcolm Black notices his high school crush, Jayne, from the stage of her company’s work party. His adolescent feelings for her died beneath months of abuse at the hands of bullies. Abuse that was Jayne’s fault. Though this scorching hot studio musician is unrecognizable as the band geek he used to be, the hurt still lives inside him, and he hatches a plan: Seduce Jayne into falling in love with him, and then shatter her heart.

The white-hot chemistry between them is a pleasant surprise. It all goes so smoothly until Feelings start to develop... and that invitation to their ten year high school reunion lands in their inboxes.

Jayne wants the perfect lover. Malcolm wants revenge. But you know what they say about The Best Laid Plans
The Best Laid Plans - Tamara Mataya - Swoon Romance on sidebar!
~Fan Girl Book Blog Review~
 Brilliance of the Written Word!
5 Fan Girling Stars! Fan-Freaking-Tabulous Debut!
I took a reflective period before writing this review. This is my first completed beta read! I have a Book Hangover! I LOVE this book so freaking hard. The writing is beautiful, intelligent, so witty, and tight. The flow and pacing is perfection. The characters come to life on the page, before your eyes, and you fall head over heels for both of them. Malcolm is panty melting sexy, talented, and he may be one of my all time favorite Book Boyfriends, *winks*. Jayne, is brilliantly smart, funny, strong, and independent!
The author has handled a disturbing subject with fantastic ease. Bullying and violence. The violent scenes are written with a skilled hand, and make they you FEEL! OMG they make you feel!!! Anger, Pure Rage, Sympathy, all kinds of emotions, I still CANNOT even put into words.

The sexy scenes are EPIC! Hot and Tingle Inducing! Never repetitive, and they're so beautifully written, and never become cheap or smutty. Most times, the sex is the story, in this book, the sex only enhances the story, it is interweaved flawlessly! It works, undeniably! The white hot chemistry and pull/push between Malcolm and Jayne is incredible!

My only critique here, I need an epilogue!
You will be rooting for both of these characters from the start, and cheering when they cross the finish line! I just want to scream from the mountain tops, how much I adored this book. This New Canadian Author is truly talented, and I cannot wait to see her fly! Hard Love for Tamara Mataya.


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