Saturday, November 16, 2013


4.75 Stars! 

First of all this book should come with a warning at the beginning. 

~"Warning, may melt reading device or burn reader, please read in a dark corner!"~

Matt and Hannah are writing partners online, they have never met. They also have rules, no personal information. They're a writing a novel together and the only things they discuss are novel related...that is until Matt gets a glimpse of Hannah, via her email profile picture. Oh yes this were things get a little "steamy" *Fans Self* *Sticks Head in Fridge*.

Matt is a bestselling author, but he's known to his readers only as M. Pierce, a clause in his contract, he himself enforces. His identity know to very few. He wields his privacy like a shield of armor. 

Hannah is an aspiring writer, trying to break into publishing. When the two discover each other as more the writing partners, "We Have Lift Off"! They try to fight the urge to seek each other out, quench their thirst for each other in "other ways". But some chemistry in undeniable, and when the two finally meet... the perfect storm is born.

The scenes in this book aren't steamy, they are blazing! The heat radiates off the page. The sex scenes are written, in a raw, unapologetic hand. Basic Primal Instincts are explored. These scenes are not polished, flowery, or even a hint romantic, but they will make, you *squirm* *blush* *looks over shoulder*. 

"In you go little bird, get on your hands and knees. I'm going to take you from behind."

The sex scenes in this book were the only parts that were raw. The writing in every other scene is beautiful, and almost poetic in their prose and flow. This book has excerpts that will stay with me forever. 

"There is no such thing a loneliness. There is only the idea of loneliness"

"It's true. He smiled. "But sadness is truer. Whatever else life contains, it's sad because it has to end. But life would be hell if it went on forever." "Or Heaven," he murmured."

This book has conflict, drama, deceit, emotions by the million, mystery, kinky sex scenes, seduction and eroticism. Matt and Little Bird are not perfect, not by a long shot, and their journey in this book is a rough one. This story made me very emotional, when I finished, I needed to vent to anyone who would listen.

"I won't say the pain inside me dulled. Rather I came to expect it."

"My heart wasn't made of paper. That was fiction. This was my life."

I'm telling you as an avid reader, if you go into this book with an open mind, you will devour it! I read in two sittings and stayed up till midnight to finish. This is not a typical love story, but the writing is so beautiful and eloquent, it made me misty eyed. I loved it. So why do you ask did I give it 4.75 stars and not 5? The very,very end. The epilogue to be exact! MF to the extreme! That being said I CANNOT wait for the next book, please tell me there will be another book? I need another book! *pleads*


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