Friday, October 25, 2013

Safe With Me
(With Me in Seattle Book #5)
Bestselling Author-Kristen Proby
Keeping others safe is what Caleb Montgomery does. He’s never had a problem taking on an assignment, whether it was during his dangerous SEAL days or his most recent job of training war mercenaries. But being assigned to keep Brynna Vincent and her adorable daughters, Maddie and Josie, safe from an unknown threat has thrown Caleb off his axis. Hot for the tall brunette since she came back to town more than a year ago, being close to her day in and day out is cracking Caleb’s resolve to keep his hands off her gorgeous body and his head in the mission.

Brynna is sick and tired of being afraid. All she wants is a normal, quiet life for her and her precious girls. Just as she’s settling into her new home in Seattle and feeling safe again, Caleb shows up on her doorstep insisting the danger is as high as ever. But whether she needs to be sheltered from the threat in her past, or from the intense emotions she feels for the sexy, protective man sleeping in her home, remains to be seen. What will happen if Brynna and her girls fall in love with a man so broken he may not be able to protect them from the danger that threatens, much less himself?

SAFE WITH ME is the fifth book in the With Me In Seattle series, and continues to follow this tight-knit, loving family through life’s trials and tribulations with humor, passion and everlasting love

My Review

5 Brilliant Stars!

I love this series, the way it continues, without ever becoming stale. With every book of this series I fall even more in love with these characters. This book focuses on two newer characters to us Caleb and Brynna. This book really hit home for me because Caleb is a Navy Seal who suffering from PTSD. My husband is Canadian Forces and those who serve and protect their country rarely get the gratitude they deserve. Caleb's trauma, is heart wrenching. His doubt in in his own self worth and his guilt, made my heart break. Brynna is a newly widowed single parent to, two beautiful daughters, and she's on the run from very bad people. These two characters relationship evolves so naturally, it makes you warm all over. The relationship between Caleb and Brynna's daughters Josie and Maddie, is equally beautiful and touching. Combine all of these elements with some seriously sexy, scenes and you have an amazing addition to this FANTABULOUS series. Kristen Proby never fails to deliver AMAZING books. The pacing is fluid and the plot was enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was highlighting all over the place with this book, I had so many favorite parts, my e-book, looks like my four year got hold of it with a box of crayons. This book features the most beautiful dialogue and heartfelt confessions. It is a beautiful read, everything we have come to expect from a superb author, who never fails to deliver and exceed our expectations. Kristen Proby you are epically awesome!!!

"That American Dream that y'all fight for so hard for over there? The freedoms that you would die to protect? They're yours
too, you know."
-Kristen Proby, Safe With Me-

This book made me cry, I cannot wait for the next book. Kristen Proby please write faster....


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Give Me Reason
Zoey Derrick
"He'll meet his true love
Answering her song
His wings he will grow
His heart will respond
Him she will follow
His wife she will be
Two joined making three"
Zoey Derrick

Vivienne Callahan has known only hardship. As if growing up with an alcoholic, drug addicted mother wasn’t traumatic enough, she’s escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to struggle every day to make ends meet as a waitress in a Minneapolis diner.
Along comes Mikah Blake, a handsome stranger who quickly takes an unexpected and persistent interest in her. On the surface, “Mr. Suit” seems to be Vivienne’s opposite: rich, well-fed, successful. As Vivienne will learn, Mikah is more than he seems, and for reasons unknown, he’s determined to be her knight in shining armor. But after having finally found her own two feet after years of abuse, it’s difficult for her to accept Mikah’s help.
Will her body’s unexpected response to Mikah’s touch be reason enough to overcome her pride and traumatic past and learn to love and trust? Or will her past, refusing to be left behind, come back to claim her?

My Review
Honored with an ARC from Author, will try to avoid spoilers!
5 Unique Stars!
I found myself intrigued by this one from page one. I have read this author's debut novel Finding Love's Wings and devoured it. I loved the writing style, the plot and the unique characters. Once I was aware of more upcoming works, I added all of them to my To Be Read List.
This one is different, and you are aware of this, by page 2. The plot is simple, yet complex the more you think about it, and the further you venture into the story, you have no hope of putting it down until you are finished. Vivienne Callahan has had a horrific childhood, from the glimpses we get here in this first installment. To make matters worse, life does not improve for Vivienne. She is floundering. She is hiding. As far a female heroines go in books, Vivienne is amazing. She is so incredibly strong, determined, self reliant, and resilient. When others would be rocking in the corner trying to find their happy place, this young woman, is living her life, and trying to make it completely on her own. Although not doing a great job at it, she is determined. Enter handsome, wealthy, CEO Mikah Blake. OH MY.... This is where the story is different, there is undeniable pull between these two characters, and I mean that quite literally. They have very strong physical reactions to each other, that neither one of them completely understand. Mikah doesn't have an ulterior motive, his interest in Vivienne comes from a very pure place. He wants to help, with no expectation of anything in return. Swoooon right ladies??? Make room for another BB!!!

This book will elicit a lot of emotional reactions while reading, you may want to buckle up, cause it's quite a ride. A ride that leaves you scatter brained, your heart aching, pounding, trying to catch your breath, and trying to figure out WTH is going to happen next???? The writing is brilliant and it flows wonderfully. There is an unexpected current running throughout the story, it simmers just below the surface. It will draw you in, and make you quirk an eyebrow.
I personally loved this book, cannot wait for the next. I am now a huge fan of this author's unique writing style. If you are looking for an, emotional, unique read, with a thrilling edge, this is a must read. Add it to your To Be Read Lists and enjoy.

Give Me Reason -
Give Me Reason -
Give Me Reason - Kobo


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finding Love's Wings 
 Zoey Derrick
"He takes my hand and that zing is back. It shoots straight to my heart with a jolt." - Cami

CAMERON ENDERS seems to have it all: a brand new condo in a city she loves, a top executive position at an international entertainment firm, an insane amount of money, and a gorgeous boyfriend. But when Cami catches the boyfriend in the act with another woman, it triggers all the anguish from years of neglect by her parents, and she realizes she never learned how to love or be loved. Cami flees to the remote tropical island of Tarah, but she can't avoid facing her problems any longer when she meets the man of her fantasies...
TRISTAN MICHAELS, one of Hollywood's hottest new stars, has come to Tarah to ride out a storm. His girlfriend of five years has been caught on camera cheating, and she's determined to make Tristan stop the story from breaking. But Tristan's done cleaning up her messes. He needs to escape all things Hollywood for a while--and especially the firm that represents him--until the whole thing blows over. What he doesn't count on is meeting an irresistibly beautiful woman, a woman who just so happens to be the CEO of the firm he's trying to avoid.

Can Tristan and Cami help each other learn to trust and love again, or will their histories of betrayal tear them apart?

This story contains Tattoos, Piercings, a Hot Movie Star and a Sexy Heroine. No rich guy poor girl story here, just a story of what it's like to learn to love. 
******Content Warning******
This book also contains adult situations and strong sexual content and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.
My Review
5 Stars for this Unique, Sexy, and Addictive Debut!
Loved this one! New indie authors popping up all over the place, and amazing talent. This one has heart, amazing sexual tension, romance, intrigue, and chemistry that is off the freaking charts. Well developed story line, characters! Tristan is romantic, giving and a huge movie star, Cameron is smart, independent and knows what she wants. I was left literally hanging at the end though, cannot wait to read the next one!! Great Debut! If you like love stories that have heat, this one goes on your TBR List!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Review
Solid 4 Star Read!!!
This story was sweet, sexy, emotional, and made me cry.

A sexy, cowboy, who's divorced and a single parent, meets an ex-cop, who's carrying more then her fair share of emotional baggage. This is where begin. A story of second chances, forgiveness, and letting go, while holding on, it makes your heart hurt. The writing is beautiful. The environment is so well written, you can envision the entire ranch, in perfect clarity. Rylan and Cole are both determined to ignore each other. Neither ever again looking for a relationship, after their pasts have both left permanent scars. Some chemistry can not be fought. Feelings refuse to be reigned in. The reader is left with one hell of a story. I highly recommend this book, an easy read, that leaves your heart feeling full, and huge grin on your face!

Tempting the Cowboy - Elizabeth Otto
Tempting the Cowboy - Elizabeth Otto