Monday, October 21, 2013

My Review
Solid 4 Star Read!!!
This story was sweet, sexy, emotional, and made me cry.

A sexy, cowboy, who's divorced and a single parent, meets an ex-cop, who's carrying more then her fair share of emotional baggage. This is where begin. A story of second chances, forgiveness, and letting go, while holding on, it makes your heart hurt. The writing is beautiful. The environment is so well written, you can envision the entire ranch, in perfect clarity. Rylan and Cole are both determined to ignore each other. Neither ever again looking for a relationship, after their pasts have both left permanent scars. Some chemistry can not be fought. Feelings refuse to be reigned in. The reader is left with one hell of a story. I highly recommend this book, an easy read, that leaves your heart feeling full, and huge grin on your face!

Tempting the Cowboy - Elizabeth Otto
Tempting the Cowboy - Elizabeth Otto

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