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Title: City Beautiful
Author: CM Foss
Release Date: June 29, 2015
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Patrick Thompson is all city, all the time. A young doctor, once full of passion, now disillusioned by the practice, he sets off across the country, intent on a small breather before a fresh start.

Ivy Lang loves the country way. So much so that she’s created a place where others can experience her ideas of the fundamentals for both mind and body. The life is perfect for her, carefully cultivated by her own hands.

He’s waiting for something to inspire him.

She finds inspiration all around her.

But when a chance meeting turns their worlds upside down, can they come together to create something beautiful?

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 FGBB Reviews…

City Beautiful is Sweet, Sexy and Smart. But most of its touching and totally heartfelt.

“She was the kind of beautiful I’d expect to see back home. City beautiful. Except there was nothing city about her.”

Patrick is getting ready to make a big move, beginning a new chapter in his life, in a new city, and starting his career in a private practice. He’s excited for what lies ahead and the change of scenery he desperately needs. He’s become bored, and has recently found his passion for practicing medicine waning.

Ivy is a country girl right down to her very soul. She’s lost all of her family to sickness in way form or another and with the exception of a select few she’s very much alone. None of this really bothers her too much as she’s started fresh, left the big city behind years ago. Blazing her own path and starting over with a clean slate has brought back the young woman she once was, focused and determined. Now she’s passionate about animals, helping others, food from farm to table, and her Inn. She finds her days filled with physical and satisfying work, falling into bed most nights exhausted, only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

When Patrick finds himself at a nearby road stand on his road trip from Dallas to New York City he couldn’t have been prepared for what he would find, a young woman, attempting to deliver a baby on a concrete floor in the middle of nowhere. Stunned by the sassy beauty, Patrick finds himself entranced by this, sarcastic, gorgeous and quirky woman. A woman who is not afraid to tell it like it is, ever it seems.

“Never in my life had I had such an intense attraction, coupled with instant friendship. I felt like I’d known her for years instead of mere hours.”

Ivy is unwillingly drawn to this handsome stranger, who makes her knees weak and her brain short circuit from the moment they meet. Coaxing her out of her self-imposed anti-social behaviour, Patrick lights up all of the parts of her she thought had burned out long ago. Unable to resist spending just a few more hours this man, she gives into her desire and she invites him to spend the night at The Green House before continuing on his journey, as a guest of course.

“So a naked male stranger held more than a little allure. Even just a glimpse of naked. Sure, those were inappropriate thoughts. Terribly unprofessional. But it was Monday. All bets were off on Mondays.”

Ivy and Patrick’s attraction is evident from the moment they meet, but what made them sizzle for me, was their banter, their stubbornness, and their undeniable chemistry. They thoroughly enjoy pushing each other’s buttons and it’s completely impossible not to fall in love with both of them. What starts out as a one night stand for both of them, turns out to be so much more. One night is enough to truly change them both, forever.

“Focus on the good. And then don’t forget about it.”

CM Foss has a gift for creating the most heartwarming, emotional, funny and seductive stories. She gives us characters that you cannot help but fall head over heels for. They are quirky, funny, independent, impassioned, stubborn and authentic. I think I fell just as in love with Ivy as I did with Patrick in this story. The characters, the story, the setting and the writing create a book so fantastic; I just couldn’t seem to put it down. Foss’s style of writing totally sucks you into her stories and hours later you’re wondering, oh I’m finished, how did that happen? You’ll find yourself swooning, sighing, snort laughing, blushing, tingling, crying, cursing and in the end grinning. Grinning for the journey and the characters you just had the experience of meeting and spending a few hours with. In the end City Beautiful will leave your heart feeling squishy, full and warm from the all of the unforgettable feels you just had at the hands of a truly spectacular book.

“I wasn’t a city girl anymore, but city had his ways.”

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Meet CM Foss
CM Foss is a hopeless romantic with a love for the written word. When she was little, her mom would ration her books so she wouldn’t go through them too quickly. It didn’t matter, she would just re-read. She’s always been an avid equestrian, competing in the top levels of Three Day Eventing by age seventeen. CM now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and kids where they own and operate their own equestrian business, as well as raising grass-fed, sustainable meats. She doesn’t have this thing people call “free time”, but she does spent a weird amount of time writing, reading, playing with her kids, milking goats, and drinking wine, while avoiding bananas at all costs. Other books by CM Foss include Shiver and Swoon.
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