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~Cover Reveal~
Sexxa Kohl

If you’d asked me what I thought I’d be doing at twenty-two, it certainly wouldn’t be taking my clothes off for complete strangers. The world sees me as a whore and a worthless piece of trash. No one would ever believe that I am still a virgin, waiting to find love. I think I can easily say that I don’t think love is ever going to be finding me at Club Climax.

I give the crowd what they want. For the next three and a half minutes, I dance, undress, shake my ass, and slide up and down the metal pole, in front of me I am in complete control while I am up here on this stage. The dancers make the rules at this place. That is except for the room in the far back, known as Ultimate Climax. It is the one place where all power is surrendered; the one place in this club that I said I’d never go, no matter how desperate I got. The price is just too high for me, and I refuse to sell myself to the highest bidder. I cannot afford to lose the only thing I have left… My control.

But sometimes, the day comes when we have to do the things that we said we would never do. For me, that day is here.

I take a deep breath, grab the door handle, and know that once I walk through that door, my whole life will forever change. 

Little did I know just how much it actually would.

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Cover Designed by Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers

Sexxa Kohl is a sexy sassy Southern bitch who ADORES sex. DUH! Her favorite hobbies include burning up the sheets with her delicious husband, achieving multiple screaming orgasms in new and unusual places, and flashing her tits to the world. She proudly admits to having a tiny bit of male eye candy addiction (Okay, she’s a total man- candy whore).  

Sexxa both embraces and expresses her natural sexuality fully in her writing. It is her dream to one day stage a massive intervention for the boring prudes of the world that believe the missionary position is erotic.  “SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY” she screams!
Sexxa resides in Nashville with her husband and their massive collection of sex toys.  She aspires to spice up your world and dampen your panties.  

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More Than Her (More Series book 3 by Jay McLean

Publication Date: November 18, 2013

Published By: Jay Mclean

BLURB: For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction." For every choice you make there are rewards, or there are consequences. It was my choice to walk away the first time. And my choice to chase her the second. But sometimes you don't get a choice, and all you get are the consequences.” "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Unless that someone is Logan Matthews. Because loving him didn't give me the strength to walk away. It didn't give me the courage to fight for him. And when it was over, all it gave me was a broken heart.


About the author: Jay McLean is an author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels. She enjoys reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry and swoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing ether of those things, she can be found looking after her two little boys and trying to avoid house work                                                                                        at all costs.

Keep a look out for Book 3 in the More Series.

Excerpt  #1 

 He gripped my ass tighter. I let out a sound I had no idea I was capable of. I was so fucking turned on. His movements on me were making me so wet I could feel it soaking my panties. His mouth moved from my neck to my ear, "You gotta quit making those sounds, baby." He kissed the spot behind it. "I'm starting to lost it." Then he took my mouth in his, moving into me harder, pinning me to the wall. My leg on the floor moved to wrap around him. I needed him closer to me; I needed more of him. He started to build a rhythm again. I felt that slow burn building low in my stomach. I didn't know how the fuck he was doing it. Or what the fuck he was even doing. But I didn't want it to stop. Ever. "Oh my God, Logan." I was panting; my head threw back against the wall. He was on my neck. Sucking. Hard. He was going to leave a mark. I wanted him to. "Matthews! What the fuck are you doing?" A deep voice yelled. I screamed, dropped my legs, ducked, and hid behind him. Oh. My. God. Reality set in. What the fuck were we doing? "Fuck." he spat. His hand went down his pants to adjust himself before turning around. "What the fuck do you think this is, Matthews?" "Sorry, Coach" Oh. My. God. Kill me now. "Go home!" I was too embarrassed to look past Logan to see his coaches reaction. "Yes Sir." Logan sounded like he was about to laugh. What the hell? "I'll cover for you." His coach sounded different now, like he was trying to contain his own laughter. "Fuck, I wish I was in college again," he said, before I heard his footsteps walking away. I don't know what emotion was on my face when Logan turned to me, but he laughed. Fucking laughed. "This shit's not funny!" I whispered loudly. " I almost let you have me. " I motioned with my finger at our surroundings. "Right here!" He didn't respond. Just looked me up and down and licked his lips. His eyes settled on my face, as he brought his hand to cup my cheek. And then his face was so close to mine; I could feel his breath on my lips. He rubbed his nose against mine. "Wait here," he said, his voice low, laced with desire. "We're not even close to being done. I'm going to take you home and I'm going to fucking finish what I started. And when I'm done with you, you won't even remember what happened just now. All you'll remember is how I make you feel when you're screaming my name."

***More Than Her – Jay McLean***
 5 ++ OMG Fan Girling Stars! 

 “Boys in books are so not better. Not compared to Logan Matthews. I love him.” ~Amanda~ 

More Than Her is book two in this series. I fell into complete love with Jay’s writing and characters after devouring More Than This, on a reader recommendation. I immediately bought the next and continued to devour this next book. I loved that this is a continuation; we are reunited with all of our favourite characters from the first book. The girls are still holding their reading sessions, and the boys are still loving the rewards. In one scene the girls are Hoovering, and getting upset about being interrupted, while spending time with Dean Holder. I laughed so hard, I woke the hubs up. He was not impressed. Anyway, I digress.

This is Logan and Amanda’s story, we as readers have been previously introduced to these characters in More Than This. Logan is a bit of a player, and a more than a little confused about his feelings for Micky. Micky is his best friend’s girl. Amanda is one of Micky’s friends. Complicated and awkward yeah? That’s what I said. Logan and Amanda meet for the first time at a wake. Yep, awkward. This is where we begin. We get another extremely emotional story here. It had me crying and cursing, laughing and blushing, swooning, and sighing. Logan’s first move, especially bad, ill timed, and hilarious! Note to all men; don’t try to kiss a chick, you just met at a wake.

“ First, I don’t even know you. Second, we’re at a fucking wake. And third, you’re an asshole,” she said. One of her fingers pushed the middle of my forehead; hard enough that it made me fall back a little.” ~Amanda~

Logan, and Amanda’s story is sweet and sexy, but plagued by bad timing, and epic failure in the communication department. Logan is so confused about his feelings for Amanda; it mucks everything in the beginning. I was banging my head off my iPad more than once while reading. I love this series for a ton of reasons. Mostly I love it because it really resonated with me. The dialogue is fantabulous, the flow is perfect. The character development is amazing. I fell head over heels for Logan; I never saw that coming, not after some of his behaviour in More Than This. We get a lot of insight into each, Amanda and Logan’s pasts. These scenes gutted me, they made me sob for their pain. Amanda and Logan have had extremely difficult obstacles to overcome in life.

“I’m sorry I’m being an asshole. But the thought of you, and some other guy with his hands all over you – I hate it, Amanda.” He gently turned me to face him, and rested his forehead against mine. He kissed me once softly. “I want to feel everywhere he’s felt. I want to replace the memory of his touch with mine. I don’t want a single part of your body to not know my hands, do you understand?” ~ Logan~ 

I enjoyed the humour that was interwoven throughout. Lucy’s trucker, potty mouth is hilarious! My stomach hurt reading some of her scenes. The emoticon talk. I almost died reading. Logan trying to “layook” Amanda, priceless. But what really, really hooks you? It’s the heartache. This book has some serious heart ache and pain throughout. There is a MASSIVE cliff hanger at the end, please be prepared, I wasn’t. I could go on and on, but I need to stop here, as I feel I’m rambling. This book was amazing and one of one favorites of this year. I cannot wait to read More Than Him. If you have not yet discovered Jay McLean, please do. You will not be disappointed. When you have become a Fan Girl yourself after reading these books, “You’re More Than Welcome”. 
*Wink Emoticon, Happy Face Emoticon*

Author Interview

~A~ Where did the inspiration for these stories come from?

~J~  I've always had stories play out in my head, ever since I was a teenager. And I've always loved TV shows like One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights—High Schoolers and Jocks--but those particular shows that pulled out emotions in me. I loved them.

~A~ Did you start out with the entire story in your mind? Or did it trickle in and evolve as you wrote?

~J~ It trickled. My favorite type of books are those that have constant interaction between the main characters, so I wanted something that allowed for that. At the beginning, it was just betrayed girl spends night with a stranger and his friends, and it evolved into so much more.

~A~ How many books can we expect in this series?

~J~ I have More Than Him (the final part of Logan's story) coming out in Feb 2014, and More Than Forever, which is set to be released mid to late 2014. I'll leave it up to the readers if they want more. I am planning on writing a standalone called The Road sometime in 2014.

~A~  Do you have a writing ritual,  if so will you share it with us?

~J~ I can only write on my laptop in bed. I can't write on my desk or anywhere else. I always have coffees or cans of pepsi max around me, and lately, when I need motivation, I stare at this baseball Pez dispenser that a reader sent to me, and I yell at it to motivate me. LOL.

~A~ What's your favorite book right now?

~J~ My favorite book of all time, is The Sea of Tranquility. I am absolutely in love with Josh Bennet. Beyond words in love.

~A~ Who is your favorite author?

~J~ Colleen Hoover, Katja Millay, Tijan. I love Tijan.

~A~ Do you enjoy interacting with your readers and fans?

~J~ Always :D It's the greatest feeling in the world when I get a message from someone that enjoyed the read. Honestly, it's why I write. I have a facebook group for fans of the More series and I'm heavily active in there. I would be nowhere without the readers, and I love and appreciate every one.

~A~ I loved More Than This, it literally rocked me, and then you did it to me again in More Than Her, was it hard to write such emotionally charged stories back to back?

~J~ It is hard. It can emotionally draining, especially when you invest so much in your characters. I don't think I could think about anything after I finished typing the last words in More Than Her. I literally just finished writing THE END on More Than Him, and I'm sad. I'm sad because I'll miss Logan and Her so much. They'll always hold a special place in my heart. Especially Logan.

~A~ How do you get your thoughts and feelings on a page? I get really scattered and wordy when I have strong emotional reactions to books. I become a flailing groupie. Authors create such beautiful stories and emotions on a page with words. It blows me away.

~J~ I'm a very emotional person. Say something nice about me and I'll cry. This question had me tearing up. Ask anyone that knows me, I cry way too much, way too often. For me – the emotional scenes are the easiest. It's just me, pouring my heart and tears onto a page.

~A~ Who is your book boyfriend?

~J~ Josh Bennett ;) and Mason Kade, and Logan Kade, and Will Cooper, and Dean Holder.. and Josh Bennett. (He deserves two mentions)

~A~ Are you a full time author now?

~J~ I'm a full time mom to a three and one year old. I write when they go down at night. I'll always be a full time mom, at least until the go to school. It would be amazing to be full time writer and be able to support my family with it. Maybe one day.

~A~ What messages and emotions do you want your readers to walk away with after reading your work?

~J~ I think if they walk away with anything, that's amazing. A reader once told me that my books make them bipolar. One second they're laughing, the next they're crying, the next they're fanning themselves, and then they're seething. I like to convey as many different emotions in my work. Sometimes, too much of one thing can be draining. I like to give a little reprieve every now and then.

~A~  Way to leave us hanging, in the end here. How did you feel leaving the readers where you did at the end of More Than Her?

~J~ It took me a while to make up my mind. I had written over half of what I wanted More Than Him (Book 3) to be. And I sat down and really thought about it. As a reader, I didn't mind cliffhangers as long as they didn't take forever for the next one to come out. I set it up so it was only three months. Hopefully people will still care. When you read More Than Him, you'll understand why I chose to do what I did. ;)

~A~ Thanks so much, for taking the time to do this. I adored these books and cannot wait for More Than Him, and More Than Forever. If you are ever in need of Betas please keep me in mind, wink :-)

~J~ Of course! I can't wait to share More with you. 

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More than This (Book #1)

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~Cover Reveal~
Separation Anxiety
Lisa Suzanne

Separation Anxiety E-
Book Cover

Separation Anxiety
Release Date: 2/2014

We all get one true love in our lives, and it’s up to us to find it. Fate will act and try to push us together, but ultimately it’s up to us to recognize who that one person is when he’s standing in front of us.
It turns out that I recognized who my one person was when I was separated from my husband.
On the same day I determined that I was finally going to file for divorce, I confessed my secret to Jesse Drake, my swoon-worthy colleague known for his womanizing ways. Jesse invited me to crash with him, and with each new piece of the enigmatic Jesse puzzle that I started to fit into place, I found myself wondering if Fate had pushed us together for a reason.
If only my husband would stop getting in the way of the man with whom I was meant to be.

About the Author

Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do.

Lisa Suzanne's debut novel is Book 1 in the HE FEELS TRILOGY. HOW HE REALLY FEELS is available on Amazon!

   Did you enjoy HOW HE REALLY FEELS ? Look for Travis's story in Book 2 of the HE FEELS TRILOGY, WHAT HE REALLY FEELS, now LIVE on Amazon!

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~Cover Reveal~

Kim Karr

Dazed (Connections Novella...2.5)
Releases on April 1, 2014


Jagger Kennedy never went looking for fame, he just fell into it. After scoring a major modeling contract, his clean-cut good looks and charm catapulted his career. But when his actress girlfriend breaks his heart, he moves to L.A. to try his hand at acting. He’s not looking for love—he just needs to make a change.

Aerie Daniels is a woman in control … until she meets Jagger. Her surprising connection with him leaves her dazed and it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt. But just when she lets her walls fall, she makes a startling discovery about Jagger that breaks her fragile heart into a million pieces.
To keep from losing the woman who’s changing his world, Jagger is willing to give up anything—including his career. But even that might not be enough to regain Aerie’s shattered trust…

Pre-Order Links:

Excerpt from Dazed
Connections #2.5 by Kim Karr
© 2014 by Kim Karr
Published by the Penguin Group

Aerie Daniels

There’s something deliciously perverse about staring through the clear glass. All of
my senses engage as I wait in line—the fragrance that fills the air as the fire crackles
beneath the foil wrapped treats wafts under my nose, the beauty in each and every small
package as they line the shelves with tiny dots and colored sprinkles mesmerizes me, the
sound made as the silver sheet is peeled back to reveal the magnificence it holds
captivates me, and the anticipation of the taste makes my mouth water. Ummm… just
thinking of the first bite into the moist brown exterior with its bittersweet Belgian
chocolate complimenting the flavor of the Madagascar bourbon vanilla that oozes from
its inside has me trembling. The black and white cupcake—it’s simply perfection.
Amidst the skyscrapers in Los Angeles’ South Park neighborhood, Sprinkles is a
gem tucked away for those of us who seek out a small piece of heaven. I don’t come here
often, but when I do it’s for that one special treat. The menu describes it as, “Yin and
Yang.” An ancient proverb that says, “Complementary opposites, such as light and dark,
day and night, and masculine and feminine, seemingly may exist as contrary forces, but
are actually interconnected.” Simply put, it says one gives rise to the other and it’s true—
opposites attract. Without the vanilla inside, one could not possibly crave the chocolate
outside—looking at the two parts united has me drooling.
“You know what they say about staring through the glass,” a deep husky voice says
from behind me.
His words tingle my skin and my gaze snaps up. “Excuse me?” I stop short, in a
daze, not even sure what he just said I was so lost in my thoughts.
He chuckles. “You know what they say about staring through the glass,” he repeats.
My eyes blink and come into focus on the upward tilt of his full lips. Then my eyes
move to his smooth pale skin flecked with a light stubble, his nose seemingly sculpted
even with a slight imperfection in its slope, large eyes with the most unusual gray color
swirling from within, and chocolate brown colored hair framing his face in pieces—I’m
not sure if he has just rolled out of bed or if product molds it just so. Either way, he is
utterly beautiful.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Just be careful so you don’t fall in like Alice.” He smiles, displaying his bright
white teeth.
“Again, I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I notice his eyes
sweep over me and my heart starts pounding.
“Through the Looking Glass,” he responds in a dangerously husky voice.
This time when he speaks I catch an accent, ever so slight but extremely sexy.
It reminds me of how Robert De Nero talks, just not as loud or fast. I continue to stare,
unable to respond. I notice that his physique is long and lean. He’s dressed in worn jeans
that fit him perfectly. His orange laced hiking boots scream I don’t conform. A pair of
tortoiseshell sunglasses hang from the V of his gray sweater, which clings to his body
perfectly. And an outdoor vest tops the outfit. It throws me off. It makes him look more
like an Abercrombie model than a James Dean type. It’s a navy blue down and quilted
one with a silver zipper. I don’t know why, but something about his outfit, about this
man, captivates me.
“Number 98,” calls the girl from behind the counter.
He steps closer. His warm breath whispers across my neck. “Through the Looking
Glass is the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. When Alice gets too close to the glass, she
falls in and starts on a crazy journey,” he tells me as his arm waves in the air with a green
ticket on display. Stepping closer, his gaze cuts from mine to the glass case as he hands
his number to the clerk whose wearing a cute brown apron with the word Sprinkles
scripted across it.
“Can I have a dozen of the black and white cupcakes?” he asks.
Suddenly alarmed, my eyes dart to the case as I watch the single remaining row of
beautifully crafted cupcakes diminish until there are none left. My irritation flares as I
glance at my number—97.
The beautiful stranger hands the clerk his credit card and waits to sign the slip.
“I was number 97, my number was before yours,” I say as he’s handed the bag that
holds his treasure.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Here let me get the sales clerk’s attention so you don’t have to take
another number,” he says.
I want to stomp my feet. I want to scream. I don’t want her attention. I don’t want
another number. I want the cupcakes that he stole from me.
“Miss,” he calls draping his perfectly fit body over the case. She looks his way and
with a charming grin he says, “Can you help this lovely lady? She missed her number
being called.”
“Of course, I’m so sorry. How can I help you?” the girl asks averting her eyes from
the man who looks like he should be on the cover of GQ magazine, over to me.
He smiles at me with a face that belongs on a billboard. “Don’t fall in.”
I swear he’s goading me. But then he tips his chin and a sexy, smoldering grin passes
over his lips and I’m not so sure anymore. He turns to look at me one more time before
he exits, and excitement flushes over my face. I nod a slight cursory acknowledgement,
then he disappears and disappointment washes over me—he’s gone. Crap. The cupcakes
are also gone. Double crap. And now I’m left wondering if he saw me staring at that
flavor? Did he distract me on purpose so he could purchase them first? Urrr…I’m so
angry right now I consider walking out, but when the clerk asks me what I’d like I settle
for the Vanilla Milk Chocolate cakes—they are the mirror reflection of the black and
whites, with vanilla cake and chocolate frosting, but they are not nearly as good.