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Review: Wasted Lust: A 321 Spinoff

Wasted Lust: A 321 Spinoff Wasted Lust: A 321 Spinoff by J.A. Huss
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I have been dying to revisit Sasha and Jax. After listening to this, I'm not sure why. I fucking cried. I cried the first time and I think I cried even more this time. I knew how it would end. I knew what would happen, yet I still fucking cried.

I know Huss says this is a standalone, but you will get so much more out of this book if you read everything else. Sasha first shows up in Ford Aston's book. Then she's a key player in Come, Come Back, and Coming for You. We see her again in Meet Me in the Dark, where we get Merc and Sydney's story. She's even mentioned--unnamed, but mentioned--in 321. So, yes, this is Sasha's standalone book, but you'll appreciate it more when you know her entire story.

My recommendation? Go back and start with Rook and Ronin. Get to know those characters, Ford, and Spencer. If you do this, then those names will actually mean something when you hear them in WL. But if you're a rebel, you can start here. You will get everything you need for this story in this book. Julie does not disappoint in that regard. And if she says this can be a standalone, who am I to argue?

Does anyone really want to hear about this story or just how it makes me feel? Because I'm not summarizing this one. I'm just telling you that it makes me feel everything. Hate, love, sadness, happiness, trepidation, unease, and the list continues. This book touches on all of my feelings and that is why I had to come back. I had to go back to see how Sasha Cherlin got her happy ending. Because when you meet that seen-too-much twelve year old girl, you just have to know how her story ends. Yohave to see what this kid goes through for her HEA.

And then there's Jax. And Nick. And the sheer mention of The Team. That original Team that sent me on a reading binge like I had never before seen or experienced.

This is the conclusion to all of those Company books. In true Huss fashion, she takes you on quite a journey.

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