Thursday, February 02, 2017

Review: Football Sundae

Football Sundae Football Sundae by Daryl Banner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Saturday Sweet Stars

Well, wasn't this just a breath of fresh air? I mean, I couldn't get enough of Tanner and Billy in this small town romance. I'm not even sure what to say beyond I absolutely loved Football Sundae!!!!!

Tanner is the small town football player who goes off to college to pursue his football dreams. He still makes it back to Spruce during the summer.

Billy is the small town "token" gay guy who never left home. Working at his parents' diner, he dreams of owning his own dessert shop one day.

Tanner is what wet dreams are made of.

Billy has really grown since high school.

This is a recipe for awesomeness and Daryl delivers. Seriously. This is low angst, hot sex, and dirty, lust filled nights.

"And I want to kiss you."

With kissing scenes that left me looking for a fan, these boys light up the pages. First kiss, last kiss, and all the kisses in between are sweet, tender, rough, chaotic, and so full of...everything.

He's kissed people before. I know he has, but this feels too desperate and hungry to just be an experiment. He wants this, and he wants this badly.

I wanted to crawl into these pages and live in Spruce right alongside Billy, Tanner, Kirk, Mindy, Joel, and Ma and Pa Tucker.

Billy Tucker makes me feel at home in my own home.

With one of the best declaration of feelings I have read, Tanner and Billy are one of my favorite couples. Their journey was one of growth and it was beautiful to watch.

It isn't a fantasy. It isn't some made-up scene I've stored in my spank bank. This is real. He is real. And I fuckin' kissed him.

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