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Review: Breaking Up with Barrett

Breaking Up with Barrett Breaking Up with Barrett by Katy Regnery
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I love Katy. Does that sum up this review? No. Well, I love her and I love her because she ripped my heart out in Ginger's Heart and since she was able to do that so unbelievably well, I just had to find out what else this woman was made of.

Wanna know what I found?

Sweetness. Nothing but pure sweetness. And she shows that by giving us the Blueberry Lane series.

Barrett English is the oldest of the English brothers. He's the most level-headed, he's the business tycoon, some might even call him "The Shark." But none of that compares to the way this lovely man woos the girl of his dreams.

Barrett had been captivated by Emily Edwards for almost as long as he could remember.

Emily Edwards is the daughter of the gardener and the housekeeper. She lives in an apartment with a friend and the two struggle to make their monthly payments. They work hard and live minimally, but they want for nothing.

One of Emily's jobs was to pretend to be Barrett's fiance. He paid her an insane amount of money for basically showing up and looking pretty. Since she was born and raised in this world of wealth, she knew how to play the part of doting fiance and avid supporter of her significant other. Basically, she was good at her job.

The problem? She was attracted to Barrett English and had been for as long as she could remember. The more she worked for him, the stronger the attraction. She knows he could never be interested in her so she does the only logical thing she can do before her feelings are too much to handle: she breaks up with him, quickly ending their 'engagement.'

Barrett doesn't like this. No. Not one little bit. He wants Emily Edwards and always has. His feelings shifted as she grew older, but the want was always there. He was always mesmerized by Emily and always loved her in some way. He won't let her quit their business deal that easily.

The writing in this is wonderful. Katy knows how to show us love. Unconditional love. The story she weaves was Barrett is baring his heart and soul to Emily is one that left me gasping and wishing I had a love like that. A man who could recount the significant moments in his life by the milestones in mine.

Like the only girl who existed on the face of the earth. Like the only girl who ever mattered. Like the only girl I ever wanted.

And the more he remembered, the more he thought about their entwined lives, and the more sure he was of how much he needed and wanted her to be a permanent part of his future.

Thank you, Katy, for this light read. I am moving along to Fitz now. This is a definite #BingeRead kind of series.

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