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Review: Three, Two, One

Three, Two, One Three, Two, One by J.A. Huss
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I've read it before and I thought it was time to do it again. With the release of Mr. Corporate I have tons of questions and absolutely no answers so I thought I'd go back to a book that really stood out. And there are a few things that had me questioning if it was possible to tie the Misters into this series beyond Match. Ignore me. I'm grasping at straws over here.
Oh, this review will be spoilery so read at your own risk.

"It's just a fantasy."

On to the new review. My first review is linked back to another format so you can find that if you really want, but it isn't necessary. I'm going to write this based on my feelings now.

One girl.
Two friends.
Three soulmates.

That's the premise for the story and it remains a theme throughout. For those audiobook snobs or newbs or whatever, if you haven't listened to Sebastian York, this would be a good time to start. He's fantastic as Ark. Which brings me back to Ark. Oh, that man. He is complicated, smart, gorgeous, deep, complex, controlling, alpha, and everything you should probably run from in a man. Given the fact that Blue is already on the run, this isn't a huge deal. In fact, she clings to him. Him and JD. They become inseparable almost immediately.

She is not one lost girl.
We are not two best friends.
We are one trinity of perfection.

And boy is it perfection. Fuck. I can't even believe that I read this story almost a year ago. I still felt everything these characters felt. I felt Blue's need to be dominated. I felt Ark's need to control. I felt JD's pain over his past. And I just felt so much. Hot is what I really felt. Hot and turned on. Because I'm pretty sure only Huss can deliver scenes like these:

I lean in and kiss him on the lips.
...He tastes like pussy, and my tongue can't get enough of it. My hand falls from his hair, pressing against his throat, squeezing him the way I've seen him squeeze hundreds of girls as they sucked his dick in public.
"Fuck, Ark," he says, pulling out of the kiss.
"Fuck, no?" I ask. "Or fuck, yes?"

"Lick her until she comes all over your face, JD. And then kiss me, motherfucker. And I better taste that come, or I'll stand you in the corner and make you watch me fuck her blind from behind."

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