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Review: Mr. Corporate

Mr. Corporate Mr. Corporate by J.A. Huss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moments worth making are moments worth remembering.

Mr. Corporate is the third book in the fabulous Misters series by JA Huss. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Perfect and Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate is a hot, steamy read with more twists and turns than my favorite roller coaster. Corporate is another misunderstood Mister. He has so many secrets that I have no idea how he keeps them straight.

Victoria Arias knows Mr. Corporate, but she met him before that title became a thing. She knows him as Weston Conrad. West and Tori have a complicated past so when they are forced to compete in business you just know it's going to be explosive. Plus, this is a Huss book so it's bound to be explosive. Whether it's with real explosions or just the fireworks in the bedroom, there will be something fantastic on the pages.

Tori and West's past makes the present that much more complicated. Fighting not so buried feelings for one another, it's only a matter of time before they give in and submit.
"Stop," I command quietly. "I'm gonna make you come now, so stop."

Honestly, these ladies should know that there is no denying a Mister. Once you're in their line of sight, that's where you will stay. Tori should know this better than most as she has already experienced the determination of West.

I can't think of a better way to set up the rest of this series. Perfect was almost light and fun, Romantic was...well, my favorite, but we won't get into that because there's a review for that--it can be found here:, and now Corporate. His story is dark and twisted and full of turns that I never saw coming. I couldn't even begin to grasp at the complexity of these interconnected stories and I will probably never be able to guess what's in JA Huss's mind.

I think this is when I really connected with Weston Conrad. This entire conversation about marriage. Why is it so important? Why does it matter? Well, West, you summed up my feelings entirely.
"Why do you need that piece of paper?"
"Why don't you need that piece of paper?"
"Because it's meaningless--"
"It's not meaningless. It's got so much fucking meaning, Tori. It means you're my wife. It means you're my partner. It means you get everything of mine if I die. It's a promise to each other, to our future kids, to the world."

And then, because we like the sweet with the dirty, there's this hot piece of dirty talk.

"Now open your mouth and suck my cock like you've been dreaming about it for three years."

"Want me to talk you into it?"
"I don't like to ask twice, Victoria."

Weston Conrad. Mr. Corporate. It doesn't matter what you call him. He's a Mister and the Misters are fantastic. And if you've been waiting to see more of Match, Mysterious, and Five--yes, that Five, then dive in. The water's really fucking hot.
I'm ready. I've been preparing for this moment for fifteen years.
I'm all in, motherfuckers.
Let's do this shit.

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