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Review: AREA 51: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes

AREA 51: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes AREA 51: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes by Helena Hunting
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What do I think? Why Goodreads, I'm so glad you asked!

Area 51 is all the stuff you didn't know was missing. It's all the stuff you didn't realize you needed until you picked it up and read it. It's ALL THE THINGS!!

Okay, maybe I'm a bit partial because there isn't anything Helena Hunting puts out there that I don't absolutely love. Or maybe I'm partial because this was my first Helena series and I can't get enough of those Pucked boys. Either way, this is gold. And even better, it's FREE. Seriously. Who does that?

This lovely collection offers up deleted scenes from Pucked, Pucked Up, and Pucked Over.
Here are some of my favorite things from the Pucked and Forever Pucked sections:
"Me too. I especially like eating you on it. Maybe tomorrow I'll have you for breakfast."

"I love you. But all your sweet-talking still isn't going to get the Super MC Area 51 access."

The deleted scene from Pucked Up? Just the whole motherpucking thing. Seriously, Buck can never catch a break and this entire bathroom/airplane/phone scene is the funniest thing I've read in ages. You should read it too.

And on to Randy, my absolute favoritest book boyfriend ever in the history of book boyfriends. *Sigh*
Now, I like Randy for all the normal reasons: gorgeous, tattooed, bearded, hot, hockey-player status, but the real reasons I like Randy come from his tender moments. The moments when he is excited to see Lily and when he can't wait to touch her, hold her, smell her. It's those moments that I love. And when we see these things from Randy's POV---because that's what we're getting here--it makes me love him that much harder. So, here are the clips I enjoyed the most:
From the laundry room scene
I barely let her in the door before I pick her up and crush her against me. I know, without a doubt, that I'm way more invested than I should be in this girl, but I can't seem to give a fuck right now.

Her entire body goes still for a fraction of a second, and then she shakes hard, like she's trying to control it. But she can't, just like I can't control this thing happening with her. And if I don't get to be in control, neither does she.

And the way she's looking at me, like I'm the only one who exists in her world, is the reason I want to keep her.

Because Helena is amazing and gave everyone what they wanted--or maybe Randy is just super persistent and she had to let him tell his side--she wrote the BJ scene from Randy's POV. We get the scene leading up to the phone call from Violet and then we get the BJ and a little background info from Randy. It's amazing. It's also hard for me to believe that when people ask me what my favorite scene from Pucked Over is, I tell them the BJ scene. Give it to me from Randy's POV and I'm even more in love.

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