Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Score (Off Campus Book 3) 
by Elle Kennedy


5 STARS – The Score is FABULOUS! Get ready to live the Life of Dean!

“It’s hard to let go of someone who’s been such a big part of your life for so long. It’s even harder when that person refuses to let you go.”

Ali Hayes is Molly’s best friend and she has been dating Sean off and on since freshman year at Briar. The problem is that what they both want out of life is totally different. They argue all the time, and recently it’s so much worse. So much worse in fact that Ali is done. She breaks up with Sean for good and even though it hurts she knows deep down that she has made the right decision. Sean is not on board with her decision and he is making it difficult for Ali to move on, so she’s avoiding him at all costs that means taking further drastic measures.

“Looking at him, you just know this guy gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.”

Dean Di-Laurentis is one of the star defensemen of the Briar hockey team, and close friends with Garrett, Logan and Tucker. We met him in both of the previous books. I will fully admit that I had more than a few pre-conceived notions when it came to Dean, but once I began this book, most of them got thrown out the door. Dean is of course cocky and arrogant, but he is also very loyal. Never dishonest and he says what he thinks. He may be the biggest manwhore on the team but he owns it, and he is totally honest and upfront with his many, many conquests. 

“The guy has the attention span of a fruit fly, and the affection-giving habits of a puppy, offering his sexual devotion to whoever happens to be holding the treat. By which I mean the vagina.”

Ali desperately needs a place to hide away from her now ex-boyfriend Sean who is not taking their latest breakup to well. She’s trying to avoid him, but he is just not getting the hint. When Garrett and Molly offer her the use of the boy’s house while they are away for the weekend, it seems like the perfect solution. What she does not expect when she walks through the door though, is a live sex show playing out on the living room couch. Dean is entertaining two very pretty young girls, now she doesn’t have an issue with that, seriously she just wants him to move it to the privacy of his bedroom, so that she can watch television and forget her troubles for a while.

Ali knows Dean well enough to know that his reputation, as manwhore, has been well earned. Dean knows that Ali is trying to get over her boyfriend. Brilliant idea, add tequila and rebound sex. HAHAHAHAHA. One drunken and embarrassing hook up later, Ali feels embarrassed and vows to never tell anyone. Dean on the other hand, needs a repeat performance, once with Ali was NOT enough for him, and that fact startles him.

“Not only did I seduce him, but I tied him up and rode him like he was my own personal amusement park ride.”

“I want her again.”

“The Life of Dean gets me all hot and bothered.”

Elle Kennedy gives us yet another stellar novel, I very much enjoyed The Deal and The Mistake, but I must be honest, The Score is my favorite book in this series to date. I LOVED IT! Dean was not what I was expecting at all. His and Ali’s chemistry is positively molten. What’s even better, their banter. I laughed so hard I had a tummy ache. While Dean and Ali attempt to keep their “relationship” on the down low from their friends it becomes troublesome and hilarious. Whether they realize it or not, they are the perfect match. Ali doesn’t give Dean even an inch and Dean is not used to having to work to get a woman into bed. I was addicted to this book I read it in one sitting. I couldn’t put the dang thing down. Scorching hot sex scenes, humour, a bit of drama, and just enough feels to make you heart ache, The Score is going to keep you glued to its pages. Getting to spend a bit more time with the rest of the crew was a huge bonus and near the end there was a TWIST that I never saw coming. It kind of knocked me on my butt actually, but it only worked to intensify the story. I am now officially addicted to Elle Kennedy and this series, I cannot wait for the next book, it’s going to be Tucker’s book. September is tooooooooo far away!!!!!! Bring on the next book, I’m ready for more!

“All my senses are filled with her—her sounds, her smell, her touch. Her.”

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