Monday, January 25, 2016

The Mistake (Off Campus Book 2)
by Elle Kennedy


The Mistake is sweet, sexy, funny and has the prefect amount of feels! Elle Kennedy ROCKS!

The Mistake is the second book on the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy. The Mistake is Logan’s book and I can honestly say that when I read The Deal, I fell head over heels for this character from the moment I met him. How can you not love John Logan and his cocky grin?

John Logan is a player a fact that he makes no excuses for. He is a very well-known member of the Briar University hockey team and because of this; he has no problems getting the female students attention. In fact he has no issues getting any females attention, at all. But lately Logan has realized that he has been hooking up even more frequently than usual, even by his own standards. In fact his friends are noticing it as well, but what they do not know, is that he has a reason for his behaviour. He is just not willing to admit it or even consider dealing with it because he is far more comfortable with running away from the problem, then facing it head on.

“This obsession with Hannah Wells is really starting to mess with my head. I need to get laid. ASAP.”

Grace Ivers is a freshman at Briar University and she is well aware of who John Logan is. Her best friend has been chasing Dean, one of Logan’s teammates for quite some time now with no success. When she bumps into Logan at a party on campus one night, immediately following one of his many hook ups she is struck by his hotness and cocky attitude, but quickly pulls herself out of the lustful fog. John Logan is a player and there is no way he would ever be interested in her, the freshman virgin. Grace also has no interest in being yet another notch on Logan’s seemingly never ending belt loop.
When Logan randomly knocks on Grace’s dorm room door one evening looking for a party, she is shocked. What could he possibly want with her? It has to be a mistake… and it is, he has the wrong room but, what happens next as they say is history. Grace and Logan are attracted to one and other and the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. Lust prevails and they do hook up that night, but Logan gets freaked out and leaves Grace “hanging” immediately afterwards. She is confused and hurt. Logan is totally clueless; he does this all the time, hooks up and runs, but then it hits him, Grace deserves better than that. Grace is better than that.

“I made the guy come last night and he didn’t even stick around long enough to kiss me goodbye. So yeah, I have to face the facts: I’m just another girl on a long list of John Logan’s conquests.”

“Leaving a girl wanting isn’t just embarrassing. It’s unacceptable.”

Grace is not a puck bunny, in fact she doesn’t even like hockey, she prefers football. Logan doesn’t do relationships; he has no time, between Hockey and dealing with his troubled family life. When Logan is finally realizes he has feelings for Grace he doesn’t handle it well at all. He wants what Garrett has with Hannah. He is lonely and the never ending line of hook ups no longer interests him, he’s thinking constantly of Grace, other women no longer interest him at all. But he has screwed up royally; can he ever win Grace back?

“It's a damn shame that duels don't play a role in the modern world anymore.” 

The Deal was the first book I had ever read by this author and I loved it, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Mistake. It then got buried on my kindle and I just realized I hadn’t yet gotten to read it and I moved up the list. I’m so very glad that I did, I love Elle Kennedy’s style of writing and being a Canadian I have a real soft spot for handsome, cocky, hockey players. I love that this book was a fabulous balance of sexy and steamy, sweet and sassy, funny and emotional. I love the characters, every single one of them. I especially love that the female main characters are spunky and sassy. The story line was great and I thought that the banter between characters was very amusing. I love that each book has a happily ever after and I’m really excited now to begin reading The Score. I hope that each and every one of the crew is given their own story in this series before it ends, because now I’m addicted. I’m reading The Score next; I’m excited to read Ali and Dean’s story. If you have not yet begun to read this series, I highly recommend it; I am loving this series by this fabulous Canadian author.

“This guy continues to surprise me. To awe me. He’s a better person than I am, better than he gives himself credit for, and if I wasn’t sure about it before, then I’m damn well sure of it now. I love him.”

“I need you. I can’t stand the thought of being without you.” He releases a shaky breath. “You’re the last person I think about before I go to sleep, and the first person I think about when I open my eyes in the morning. You’re it for me, baby.”

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