Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle

4.5 STARS  
When I Was Yours is a second chance romance that is going have you tied up in knots from the very beginning.

“I should’ve known from the moment I met her that, eventually, she’d be my downfall. I mean, I am Adam, and she’s my fucking Eve. It had been written in the cards.”

When I Was Yours is the brand new, full length, standalone novel by Samantha Towle.

Evie is young woman, struggling to pay the bills for her family, working part time at the surf shack while working towards attaining her high school diploma when she first notices a handsome young man gazing at her from his beach house balcony. While waiting for her bus, she sits atop a rock on the beach sketching whatever catches her eye, and recently Adam Gunner has most definitely caught her eye.

“I have never felt anything like this before, the way I feel with him right now.”

Adam Gunner has noticed a young woman on the beach day after day. Her beauty even from afar has his captivated. She’s perched on a rock overlooking the beach, sketch pad in hand, and she seems lost in her own world. He’s sure she has no clue he even exists. Trying to harness the courage to approach her, leaves Adam feeling nervous. When it comes to women, Adam doesn’t do nervous; he’s confident and maybe a little cocky. He has no issues with finding someone to pass the time with, in fact he can and often does pick a new one daily. But something about the girl sitting atop that rock just down the beach has him taking pause.

“It’s kind of hard not to stare. She’s that beautiful.”

When I Was Yours is told through both Evie and Adam’s eyes. It takes us back to when Evie and Adam first met and fell in love, and then jumps forward to the present, ten years later. Allowing us insight into the entire story of Evie and Adam’s journey towards finding their happily ever after. This journey is not an easy one, in fact at times; it feels impossible to both characters and to the reader. With so many lies, secrets, omissions of truths, and betrayals, it seems like their romance is doomed. Adam’s mother is a wicked witch, who cares only for herself and her career, she only appears when she wants something, or to throw ultimatums around. Make no mistake, this woman will do whatever she sees necessary to get what she wants, even if that means destroying her own son. Evie loves her father and her sister, she would do anything for them, and in fact she does. Sacrificing her own happiness in order to make sure her family is taken care of.

“I married her, and then a week later, she was gone. I haven’t seen her since.”

This book is heartbreaking and sexy, it’s emotionally charged, funny and flirty. I found myself invested in the story pretty much right from the start. I loved the characters, even though they both frustrated the hell out of me, Evie more so than Adam if I’m being totally honest. Samantha Towle gives us a second chance romance that tears at your heartstrings and lights you up from the inside out. When I Was Yours is a great read, you’ll find yourself swooning, sighing, swearing, crying and then overheating all while enjoying this book. With a little bit of everything it works very well, Samantha Towle gives her readers everything they have come to expect in her stories. Passion, emotion, heartbreak, and laughs, if you’re a fan of this author, you’re going to enjoy this newest book and if you’ve never read a book by her before, When I Was Yours is a great place to start.


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