Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young


 Emotional, funny and intensely sexy On Dublin Street is fabulous!

“I wanted to create something beautiful in place of all the ugliness.”

Jocelyn Butler had an idyllic life once upon a time, a mother, father and a younger sister she adored, a nice house and great friends, then one day she didn’t. She has spent the years since ignoring the pain and doing whatever it takes to never re-visit that kind of pain and numbing herself.
Fast forward 8 years later and Joss is now all grown up and living in Edinburgh. She is still haunted by the ghosts of her past, suffering from anxiety attacks whenever she allows the memories to slip in. Joss has just recently lost her current flat and is searching for a new one, but the prospects have not been kind. On her way to check out a promising prospect she ends up sharing a cab with a beautiful man.

“Instead of the door handle, I grabbed a hand.”

A beautiful, arrogant and confident, older man. Joss has not dated for years or ever for that matter and from the moment she meets Braden Carmichael she feels a spark unlike she has ever felt within the presence of another man. Forget the fact that he royally pisses her off and pushes all her buttons, he has a girlfriend. It is glaringly obvious from moment one that these two are drawn to one another. Joss could not be further from the type of woman that Braden usually dates, and Joss does not date at all, unless you count her faithful BOB.

“I hated him. I really did. Pity my body did not.”

“I never felt instant attraction to me. And since my wild years as a teen, I hadn’t even contemplated taking a guy up on a sexual offer.”

Joss and Braden both have trust issues, having both had experiences in their pasts that they would rather forget, but unlike Joss, Braden has dealt with most of his issues and he’s been moving on. Joss has walls built around her so tall and strong it’s going to be mission impossible for anyone to penetrate her defenses. But over time, little by little, the impossible begins to happen. Ellie Carmichael, Joss’s now new flat mate, is a total doll and I love her to pieces. Braden is Ellie’s big brother and they are very close.

“We were not friends. And we were never going to be anything more than not friends. So we were nothing.”
I loved every single of the characters in this book, Joss, Braden, Ellie, Elodie, Clark, Adam, Hannah, Declan, Jo, Craig, Rhian and James they are all amazing, The humour that is woven into the story is prefect and the quips and banter is kept me flipping the pages all the while laughing and shaking my head. Add in the incredible sexual tension between Joss and Braden, then all of the emotional barriers they must overcome and it’s just perfect. I had read this book years ago, long before I ever started writing book reviews, and I decided to re-read it so that I could continue on with this series, it got buried in my TBR and I’m just so grateful I discovered it all over again. I read this way back when I first got my kindle. I loved it then, but I think I may have enjoyed even more this time around. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series; I’m willing to bet I’m going to love it as well.

“Why the hell did he have to be the human version of a sexually charged nuclear weapon?”

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