Saturday, November 28, 2015

Manic (Rook & Ronin Book 2) 
by JA Huss

This series is wrecking total havoc on my nerves and emotions! Please pass the wine…

“I took a journey when I left Chicago. I struggled with homelessness and hunger. I feared for my safety and eventually, that journey ended with Antoine, Elsie and Ronin. And now I’m on a new journey. I’m not sure where I’m going just yet.”

A lot has happened since that now legendary day that Rook spent her last ten dollars on a cup of coffee. Rook is now a model for Chaput Studios; she has a successful campaign under her belt, and money in her very own bank account! She has her very own apartment, is learning the ropes of the erotic modeling business and has a boyfriend that makes her crazy in more ways than one. She’s just signed another HUGE contract, one that is sure to make her more money than she ever imagined but why is everyone upset with her about it? Could it be because she made this decision when she was angry and confused? Could it be because she did not read the contract fully or understand what it was exactly that she was committing herself to? The answers to all of the above questions are YES! I love Rook, her character is impossible not to love, but she frustrates me sometimes to the point of madness!!!!! She has trust issues, which is 1000% understandable, but she is new in to this world, the modeling industry will chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t careful, and she’s not taking the advice she’s been given or heeding any warnings, from the people who actually care about her.

"It feels normal. Ronin does this. Ronin makes me feel normal.”

Elise and Antoine are happy for her, it means another huge campaign for their company, but they both have concerns, Ronin is definitely not happy with her decision but that doesn’t mean he won’t support her, protect her and ensure that she is treated the way she deserves. Spencer Shrike seems like a great guy, he and Rook and going to spending a great deal of time together, while they work on the Sturgis contract, a lot more than Rook ever realized actually. Spencer and Ronin know each other from the past and now another man from Ronin’s past is involved as well. Ronin and Ford do not like each other very much and that is going to make everything just a little more uncomfortable. And if this wasn’t all enough, Clare is causing issues in rehab and Ronin, Antoine and Elise have to try to deal with her as well, it’s chaos!

This second book is even better than the first, there is so much happening its crazy and addictive! Even more addictive than the first. Rook infuriated me a lot but it made the story all the more engaging, Ronin, well Ronin is Ronin and I fell even more in love with him in this book. We do find out though, that Rook is not only one with a past and secrets that she’d rather never have revealed. Ronin, Spencer and Ford all have some skeletons in their closets, and there is a very valid reason for why they are not friends like they used to be. Fulfilling this Sturgis contract is going to be difficult for everyone involved not just Rook, and she has just exposed herself in every way possible after trying to remain hidden for months. The man that Rook has been hiding from is going to catch her scent once again. The past is going to come back to haunt Ronin, Ford, Spencer and Rook, and when secrets from all of their pasts start to reveal themselves the future becomes muddied all over again. One thing is certain though, secrets never stay buried forever.

JA Huss continues to astound me with this second book, I am OBSESSED now! Totally and unequivocally obsessed with this series and all of the characters. This story continues to barrel along at a breathtaking pace, it’s relentless. The writing here is fabulous and it just continues to get even better. I am so grateful that I’m reading this series now, after it is completed! If I had to wait for the each installment to release I might just lose my mind. I’m starting Panic now and I cannot wait to see what comes next! This series owns me, Ronin has stolen my heart and I may never get it back, Rook is driving me to want to drink and Spencer and Ford have me more than a little intrigued.

“My eyes close and we breathe in and out together like we’re a team. And the last thought I have as I drift off. I want us to be a team. We’re not just a couple, we’re a team.”

OMG this series may very well be the end of me before I’m finished but I’m loving every single minute! If you haven’t read this series yet, GET ON IT! 
I’m going back in see you on the flip side!

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