Thursday, November 26, 2015

Eighteen by J.A. Huss

5 Sinfully Decadent Stars for Eighteen!

“Dear God. Can this life suck any worse than it already does?

Why, yes, God says. Yes, it can. You cannot graduate high school, Shannon.”

This is how we begin Eighteen; Shannon Drake has just turned eighteen and started at yet another high school. She’s having a really sh*tty day to say the least, even though she has more than enough credits to graduate, the school refuses to accept them and she will not be graduating as planned…

“Welcome to eighteen, Shannon. The age when life gets to kick your ass over and over and all you can do is stand there and take it.”

Living with her brother in law and her 3 month old baby niece after her sister is gone, is not working out so well for Shannon. She loves her niece more than anything in this world, but her brother in law, is a total dick, and a drunken, abusive one at that. With very little money, living on five dollars a day Shannon has just found out, that life can always get worse, you should never question that. Resigning herself to the fact that she now has to take more classes, including math, the bain of her existence, in order to graduate, Shannon meets a man. A sexy, muscled, leather clad, motorcycle driving, twenty eight year old man. The first time Shannon lays eyes on him, she actually forgets to breathe, he affects her that powerfully even on her worst day. There are some serious problems with this though, he’s obviously much older than her and to make matters worse, she’s now discovered that he is to be her private math teacher. Her graduation from high school hell literally lies in his hands. The attraction that they feel for each other is mutual and it explodes from the moment they are alone the first time. Shannon is confused by it but Mateo isn’t holding anything back, no matter the consequences.

“He makes me nervous. That’s a new feeling for me. Usually I’m the one making guys nervous.”

“I’m gonna be seeing a lot of you, Shannon Drake. There’s no way in hell you’ll be invisible to me.”

Eighteen is a taboo, forbidden romance in every sense of the word, but besides all of that it’s also a bit of a mindf*ck. You don’t realize where the story is truly headed until it all implodes around you. I never saw the twists coming in this story until they bashed me over the head, and when that happened I sat there gaping like a total moron! Shannon is a fantastic character, she’s incredibly stubborn, independent, and determined, but she is also incredibly smart and sassy. She sees that some of the relationships she is developing are headed for disaster, but she is unable to resist the temptation or the escape from her everyday life. Torn between what she desires and what is right plagues her thoughts throughout the entire book, and I understood her fears, concerns and confusion with every flip of the page. Mateo is unlike any other alpha male you’ve ever met. He’s domineering and totally overpowering of course. He takes what he wants and makes no apologies for his actions, ever, but all of this aside, he is also incredibly sweet, caring and thoughtful. He is protective and giving, and incredibly intelligent. Shannon and Mateo’s relationship is very much a battle of wills and it becomes a question of who will be the victor.

“I’m addicted to him and what he does to my body. There’s no starting over or going back now. I am just addicted and I need more.”

This is my first book by JA Huss, and it came highly recommended from many of my reader and blogger friends so once I read the blurb, I knew that I needed to read it! I’m so incredibly happy that I did. I read this book in pretty much one sitting; once I started I couldn’t put it down. The writing is absolutely fantastic and the characters engaging. The story itself is beyond addictive, I’m a sucker for forbidden romances and this one was brilliant. With the sexual chemistry, the seriously naughty bits and there are LOTS of them by the way, the struggle of choosing between what is right and what feels too good to walk away from feels decadent and sinful, but oh so good, that even as just the reader you can’t possibly turn away. I loved all of the secrets, lies, betrayals and that twist! OH THE FREAKING TWIST! I never saw it coming. When I reached the end, I was so happy with the way the story came to a close. I was so proud of Shannon and the way she handled all of the craptastic hands that she had been dealt. I wanted to hug her and tell her how proud of her I was. I fell in love with not only Shannon, but with Mateo, and Sunday as well, they were just perfect in all of their many, many imperfections.

“God, he makes me happy. Please, make him stay with me so I can stay happy.”

JA Huss has just gained another loyal fan in her following, I am anxious to begin Tragic and all of her other books, I loved Eighteen and now I know what everyone has been gushing about! What a ride this book was. If you love forbidden, erotic romances, take the chance on this one, you’ll be glad that you did, I can pretty much guarantee it! It’s naughty in all of the best ways.

“I forget about the people all around us. I forget about everything. How old he is, how much more experienced he is, how much trouble I will be in if people find out, what they’ll call me. I throw it all away because the only thing I have room for is the way he makes me feel.” 

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