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Rebecca Michaels has finally grown tired of her monotonous life and is ready to make a drastic change. Now that her daughter, Charlie, is away at college, there has never been a more perfect time to make it happen. 

Packing up and leaving behind all she's ever known, she eagerly ventures out in search of what the world, outside of this dull town, has in store for her. 

When she first encounters Andrew Chambers, a mysteriously sexy and seemingly wealthy stranger, she doesn't think she will ever stand a chance with someone like him. Little does she know just how wrong she is or how fierce an attraction the two of them would immediately share. Although, lavish attention and on-demand orgasms are not something she's going to complain about, the speed and intensity with which Andrew pursues her is almost more than she can handle. 

Rebecca Michaels wanted an adventure, but the one that awaits her isn't necessarily what she had in mind.

My Becca 

My Drew

Something More – Jenna Tyler

4.0 Stars ✰✰✰✰ - Angie ~ AKA ~ Fan Girl

Jenna Tyler’s Sexy, Quirky, Funny Debut Novel – Something More
Becca Michaels has left all things from her past in her rear view mirror when leaving Florida, and relocating to Portland. For the first time in 19 years she is making decision for herself, moving and starting over in an effort to be truly happy. With her daughter Charlie grown and attending college, 40 year old, divorcee Becca is starting over. Getting settled in a new apartment, starting a brand new job, and looking for new friends, she’s ready for anything. A bonafide, self professed book junkie, Becca still believes in Happily Ever Afters, even though she has yet to find hers. A trip to the fabulous local bookstore turns out to be one of the best decisions she has ever made. Enter Drew Chambers, eligible bachelor, successful business man, sexy, sweet, sensitive, and stalker extraordinaire.  

Something More, is not a slow build; it’s almost instantaneous in its chemistry and sexiness. It’s a story about taking risks, letting go, and allowing yourself to be loved. I love Becca, mostly for the fact that she is incredibly real, sarcastic and feisty. She’s a real woman with real thoughts and fears, she’s anal retentive at times and its quite humorous at times. Drew, well he is just perfect, almost too much so. I found myself sighing, swooning and fanning myself throughout the entire book. He is quite possibly every woman’s fantasy. The connection between Becca and Drew is instant, and undeniable. Their attraction is so strong neither is able to resist, even Becca really does try to play hard to get.

Something More, is a fun, sexy, fast read that will leave you feeling happy, and hopeful about finding your very own Happily Ever After, with your own Drew Chambers. 

Jenna Tyler was born and raised in South/Central Florida. Currently residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her fur-baby, Roxy…and sometimes her kids (when they behave). She enjoyed writing poems as a teenager, but didn’t become an avid reader until…Twilight. She became obsessed and her passion for reading led to stories and characters nagging at her. Then a friend suggested she write it out and now is releasing her debut novel

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