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Review: Switch

Switch Switch by Adriana Locke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Point. Made. Stars

Oh, how I love a man in a suit. Especially when he wears the suit and not the other way around. Graham Landry wears his suit and he wears it well.

Graham is in need of an office assistant because his previous assistant quit. He hasn't been able to replace her with anyone who can meet his demands and exceed his expectations. Because that's exactly what he wants--someone who exceeds expectations. He wants someone to fit into a nice, neat little box who is organized and punctual and doesn't need a ton of direction.

Mallory Sims has recently returned home and hasn't been able to find a job that suits her abilities. She's been an administrative assistant while attending college, but she recently quit college and whatever job she may have had to return home. Luckily, Mallory is friends with Graham's sisters and they recommend her for the job as Graham's assistant.

Should be easy peasy. They attended the same high school, they were both in Latin Club, they remembered just enough about each other that neither considered the changes the other had been through prior to their first encounter.

The first encounter where she literally falls into his arms. And this is after she is late for her first shift. It's a good thing this isn't really a first impression. Right?! Right?!!!

Ha! Sparks are going to fly between these two! My how Graham and Mallory have grown. They are no longer awkward teenagers in Latin Club, now they are employee and employer. Totally off-limits.

Or not.

"Yeah. Just don't look," he chuckles. "You're telling me you don't imagine her bent over the copy machine?"
"Not as much as I imagine her bent over my desk."

Damn, I just wish he would. Seriously. The heat between these two is palpable. I just know it's going to be amazing.

"You were making a point today." Graham takes the final step to close the distance between us, our chests nearly touching. "Point. Made." I gasp a quick breath. "Now it's my turn to make a fucking point." With that, his lips cover mine and I melt into his arms.

I see your point, Mr. Landry. Yes, please continue to make it. Over and over and over again. I won't say no. I'm a sucker for an intense first kiss. This qualifies.

"I'm going to have you right here, right now."
"If this takes much longer, I'm going to make myself come right here on your desk with you watching."
His hands falter at the waistband of his boxer briefs, his eyes flipping to mine.
"Oh, baby. You're going to come and I'm most definitely going to be watching. But I'm going to be buried so deep inside you that you won't know where you end and I start."

Umm......*fans self*

Lincoln: Hell, yeah. Oh--Ford said you got it on in the middle of a meeting today. Can I say I'm super proud of you?
Me: Talk to you later.
Lincoln: Wait! You can't jump my ass and then ignore me. This is the day Graham proves he's human. Let's discuss. Should I grab some pizza and meet you at the office?

Ha! Those Landry boys are hilarious. This is actually one of my favorites aspects of these books. The kinship, the love, the unfailing loyalty between this entire family. The banter, the bickering, the everything. They are the ultimate support system and it's how I want my family to be.

Use your mouth more, Mr. Landry. It's how deals are made.

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