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Review: The Independents

The Independents The Independents by Aaron L. Speer
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Ever get the feeling that you're being a complete asshat, but can't seem to step out of that role? Ever feel like you're telling people they're stupid because you're too ashamed or embarrassed or selfish to admit that you aren't who you say you are? No? Me neither. However, as a reader in this amazing indie community, I have found that there are those readers and authors who thrive on this kind of thing. And those people aren't necessarily "indie." Some of these so-called writers bash the indie community for being brave enough to stand on their own, for being brave enough to take control of their lives and not let it be dictated by another. Unless, of course, that "another" is a reader.

Indie writers put a lot on the line when they hit that publish button. Very little to no backing, the support system being close friends at first, trying to get a foot into a world saturated with books in every genre. Finding that spot to fill, finding that one person who can boost you to the best sellers list, finding those readers to support absolutely everything you could put on paper--that's the true test. That is what it takes to be indie.

Aaron Speer drives this point home by giving us Martina. An author who is traditionally published, she's getting nowhere in her career. In order to reach her goals, she heads to the indie community and reaches out--but not as herself. Nooooo. She takes on a different name, a different genre, and a different persona on social media. She's good and she rises quickly to the top.

Until she is confronted. And confrontation isn't good for business, is it?

I'm a believer that bad publicity is still publicity--and I think many authors have proven that over the last year--but it isn't always in the favor of the person in the public's eye. So, what do yo do when someone thinks they know something others don't? What do you do when you want to protect what you've created, but can't afford to divulge those secrets? What. Do. You. Do?

I love what Aaron Speer has done with this. The struggle of Martina, the confrontation, the suspense. I love that he gave us all of this in such a short amount of time.

After all, we are indie.

If you insult one of us, you insult all of us.

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