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Review: The Goal

The Goal The Goal by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "C'mere and fuck my face" Stars

Move over Dean, Tucker is on the scene! Holy crap! I didn't think they'd get better than Dean Heyward-DiLaurentis, but WOW! Tucker gives that man a run for his money.
"Because I'm going to ruin you for all future guys. I apologize in advance."

The Goal is the fourth novel in the Off-Campus series and just like its predecessors, it is spectacular. We already know the players, we already know the big twist (it's actually revealed in Dean's book, The Score), but the journey Tucker and Sabrina take is a beautifully painful trip. You can feel the need, the want, the desperation. You can feel the push and the pull, the chemistry, the desire. It's all there. Elle Kennedy knows how to draw you in and she knows how to keep you addicted.
"I hate hockey players. This is a one-time-only deal." He sweeps my hair to the side to expose my throat. "Noted. I won't even remind you of this when you're begging me for a second round."

Do you all remember how Dean made Sabrina look like the coldest person this side of the Arctic? Yes? Well, Tucker manages to see a different side of her. We see that she isn't this closed off sub-human. We see that she is a real person with real feelings and real problems.
Fine, bitchy. Aloof is just a nice word for bitchy.

Despite Sabrina's "one time only" rule, she finds herself coming back for more of Tucker. I mean, what will it hurt? He's good looking, talented in bed, and a nice guy. She warned him.
"I was pretending you were Tom Hardy the whole time I was blowing you."

And just when she thinks she has everything on lock, she goes and begins developing...feelings. I know. I can't believe it either. The aloof Sabrina James has feelings. But she isn't going to express those. Nope. Not even a little.
Someone growls. I hope everyone thinks it's my stomach, but by Hope's broad grin and Tucker's smirk, I know I'm busted.

Still not sure if you want to read The Goal? You should trust me when I say you want to read this book. Of course, if you've read the previous three, then you definitely want to finish the series. I don't know how you could carry on without knowing how Tuck and Sabrina end up where they are at the end of book three.

Me: I'm bringing my friend Carin and u need to bring the hottest guy u know.

Him: I'm the hottest guy I know. Will look for 2nd hottest guy on campus. She have any preferences?

Me: Someone who knows how to use his tongue.

Him: Again, that'd be me. Not sure how I'll find out how good the other guys are w/ their equipment. Not a topic that comes up a lot.

Excellent addition to this series Elle. I am never disappointed and Tucker blew my mind!
"So what do you want these days?"

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