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Blog Tour with Review: Black Swan Affair

"This book owned me as I turned page after page, wanting to both savor every beautifully written word and race to the end. Black Swan Affair is easily one of my top reads of the year.” – USA Today Bestselling Author, Meghan March
I’ve loved him as long as I can remember. 

The gangly boy with big brown eyes and unruly hair who grew up into an intoxicating man. He wears scruff like he invented it and ambles with a swagger that makes panties drop.

Killian Shepard.


We grew up together. We played Ghost in the Graveyard. Had our own rock band. It didn’t matter that he was five years older than me. It didn’t matter that he looked at me as a kid sister even as I grew into a woman. It didn’t even matter when he left me behind to go to college and start his adult life.

He’d be back.

He was always meant to be mine. 

He came back, all right. But instead of smelling of promises, he stunk of betrayal. And he destroyed me—us—the day he married my sister instead of me.

So I did the only thing a girl like me in my position could do. 

I got my revenge. 

I married his brother, Kael. 

Now we’re one big happy fucking family.

"OMG what did I just read? This book... WOW!! It's been years since I read a book straight through. Yes, seven hours I was glued to the pages of this book. A yo-yo of emotions that left me breathless with every scene. Black Swan Affair is a must read!!" - NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Nashoda Rose
"Black Swan Affair is intense, mesmerizing, a gripping page-turner that had me guessing until the very end! A top 2016 read!" - Anne Mercier, Bestselling Author
"Simply Amazing. KL had me from page one and I had to pry my fingers off my Kindle when it was over." - Winter Travers, Amazon Bestselling Author of The Devil's Knights Series and The Skid Row Kings Series

About the Author:
I’m just a regular ol’ Midwest girl who likes Game of Thrones and am obsessed with Modern Family and The Goldbergs. I run, I eat, I run, I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. I love carbs, but there’s love-hate relationship with my ass and thighs. Mostly hate. I like a good cocktail (oh hell…who am I kidding? I love any cocktail). I’m a huge creature of habit, but I’ll tell you I’m flexible. I read every single day and if I don’t get a chance…watch the hell out, I’m a raving bitch. My iPad and me: BFFs. I’m direct and I make no apologies for it. I swear too much. I love alternative music and in my next life I want to be a bad-ass female rocker. I hate, hate, hate spiders, telemarketers, liver, acne, winter and loose hairs that fall down my shirt (don’t ask, it’s a thing).
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Review by Brandi


"I've got you, Maverick. I always do. Let go." 

For as long as Maverick DeSoto can remember she has been in love with Killian Shepard, the eldest of the Shepard boys. While her love for Killian burned hot, she knew she couldn't have him until just the right time. She knew their time would come and when it did she would be ready. 

"We're real. More real than anything in my life." 

Kael Shepard has always loved Maverick. She's his best friend. Literally. Growing up they were nearly inseparable. If Maverick was there, then Kael was there. The end. Kael would do absolutely anything for Maverick.

"Be a good girl and you can get me to do anything for you." 
Killian Shepard is the older of the two Shepard boys. He has 5 years on Maverick, but that doesn't change the way he feels about her. He knows they will get their turn in life, he just has to be patient. 

"Hang on Maverick DeSoto. I've got you. I have plans for you, and they don't include you dying." 

And so begins the story of a boy in love with a girl in love with another boy.

Until it all comes crashing down and reality sets in and the actions of others define their lives.

What do you do when the man you're in love with marries your sister? Well, you marry his brother, of course. 

This might be a story about a girl and two brothers, but it is also a story about first love. It is a story about falling in love and it is a story about how love can either build you or destroy you. 

"Because I have enough love for the both of us. I always have." 

Marriage is tough. Ask anyone you know who is married and they will tell you that it isn't easy, you have to work at it. Marriage isn't a solution to a problem. When Maverick DeSoto married Kael Shepard, she knew it was a mistake. She knew she would never love Kael the way she loved Killian, yet she married him anyway. Why? I honestly do not know. What I do know is that despite her love for Killian, she made an honest effort to turn those feelings off. She made an honest effort to fall in love with Kael--even if that effort was made after the vows and rings were exchanged. Maverick struggles daily with her decision. She still loves Killian, but she has also always loved Kael. She just loved him a different way. But what if she started putting more time and effort and love into her marriage? 

"Maybe it doesn't need fixing at all, Mavricky. Maybe it just needs nurturing." 

Isn't that an interesting concept? Nurturing. We should nurture our relationships just like we would anything else we want to see succeed. Children, gardens, and love. Yes, love can be nurtured. But what if you just can't give it the attention it needs? What if you are still stuck in some former version of yourself or a past you can't quite escape?

The only person I really want to run away from is me. I wish that was possible. If it was, I'd have lost me long ago.

This is my first KL Kreig book and as much as this is a weird place to put this statement, I needed to say it. I needed to say it because the first time I saw this blurb I knew I had to have this book. And I do. In two different formats. And I'm pretty sure if it ever comes out on Audible, I'll own that version as well. It's just that damn good. But I also want to put this here as a little disclaimer that I had no idea how hot her sex scenes could be. Yes, she rips my heart out and stomps on it a bit, but she also knows how to write a dirty, dirty alpha or two. Because both of these men are Alphas and Maverick just has to choose one of them. 

"Slip your hand under those panties and stroke a finger through that pussy, Mavs. If you're wet enough, then I'll fuck you. Right here and now." 

Gulp. This book very quickly takes a #OneHandedRead kind of turn. It's raw and primal and so fucking real that my head was a mixture of emotions. One minute I'm near tears, the next I'm fanning myself. 

"I don't know what makes you drip with desire. I don't know what makes you so fucking hot you'll combust in my hands."

"If you want me to bend you over this counter and fuck you until you can't walk straight, stick that finger in your mouth, Maverick. Now."

So, who does she choose? What happens to Mavs, Kael, and Killian? Does she stay with Kael? Does she leave him for Killian? 

"It's the way I've imagined you looking at me my entire life." 

Love triangles are tough and usually easy to figure out, but KL Kreig had me guessing for the entire book. And when Maverick made her final choice, when she knew who she couldn't live the rest of her life without, I was shocked. I was happy. I was sad. When people say, "this book gave me all the FEELS" I know exactly what they mean. I've used that phrase, but I'm not sure if it had ever been true before Black Swan Affair. This is a book that gave me #AllTheFeels. Definitely a top 2016 read. 

"While he was the sun that lit your world, you were the darkness that shadowed mine."

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