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Review: Read My Lips

Read My Lips Read My Lips by Daryl Banner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 I Can Hear You Stars

Dessie needs to escape her family. She isn't living up to their standards and she isn't happy because she just wants a normal life. Dessie heads to Texas to attend college where she enters the theater program.

Clayton is the bad boy on campus. He's silent, broody, and intense. He's also a genius with the lighting of the theater. It's here he meets the new girl, Dessie.

As always, this formula seems easy enough, but Daryl takes us on one wild ride with these two. He throws in a real killer twist and the book just grows from there. I want to know these characters, I want to meet them and have lunch with them. I want to be friends with these people. And not just Dessie and Clayton. I want to meet Brant and Dmitri and Sam and Eric. This cast of characters were fun to get to know--and now I want to know more.

Anyway, back to Dessie and Clayton. Wow! Just, the chemistry is off-the charts. The push-and-pull, cat-and-mouse game is on point. Before these two even have their first conversation, you know that when they get together it's going to be a real good time. But it's the slow path they are on that makes this that much better. They become obsessed.

It's crazy how far an obsession or innocent crush will take you, dictating your day, bullying your mind into submission....

I want to know what she smells like so bad. I want to taste her. I want to tear off her clothes and watch her gasp with surprise as the beast within me is unleashed on her.

I want to meet this beast. Oh, do I want to meet the beast within Clayton!

So, you wanna know about the sex? I know, it's almost my favorite part too. ;-)

"Hold on to something."

Fuuuuccccckkkk. Yes. Hold on to something. Or tie me up. Or..or...or. *fans self* The sex is hot . Because let's face it: Clayton is hot. And broody. And if I've learned anything reading romance/erotica/fiction, it's that the broodier the man, the hotter the sex.

And Clayton delivers.

This may have been my first Daryl Banner book, but it isn't my last. I've already started Beneath The Skin. After meeting Brant in Read My Lips, I knew I would continue to see Brant's story.

Thanks, Daryl, for the sweet, sarcastic Dessie and the tattooed hottie, Clayton. Their story is beautiful.

"Let me inside you."

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