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Own the Wind (Chaos Book 1) 
by Kristen Ashley


5 STARS - I'm totally hooked now, there is no going back. Own the Wind is intense, addictive and totally SEXY!!!

“He didn’t have to take it, she gave it. He took it anyway.”

First let me start by saying I’m totally embarrassed to admit as a hard-core romance bookworm and blogger that this is only my second Kristen Ashley book ever. The first one was Rock Chick and that was quite a while ago. I loved it, and was hooked on this author’s style of writing but with over 900 books on my kindle my Kristen Ashley books seem to always get buried and that in itself is a horrendous tragedy. I stumbled upon Own the Wind on a night when I was once again at a loss, as to which book to read next and I dove in. This entire series revolves around a motor cycle club, its members, their families and their love interests. 

“The second his eyes hit that flag, he felt his life take shape.”

Own the Wind centers around Tack the Chaos Motor Cycle club’s president’s daughter, Tabatha. Hopefully that sentence makes sense… Tabby is no stranger to the life of the MC; she after all has spent her entire life living surrounded by the lifestyle. She has had feelings for Shy Cage for as long as she can remember, but the issue, he doesn’t even know she exists or so she believes anyway. She runs a bit wild in her youth but after a conversation on night that does not sit well with her, Tabby changes how she spends her time, and who she spends it with. When she goes out on her own finally, she meets another man. One that is totally unfamiliar to the life that she has always lead, and he opens up a whole new world for her. Falling into love with a man so totally different to everything she has ever known is life changing. But when tragedy strikes and Tabby’s world is rocked, everything shifts yet again. Devastated in her grief she withdraws and is consumed in her grief for a time. When she emerges and Shy reappears in her life, for the first time in a long time it feels like she may be able to live again.

“She wouldn’t want to see him now. She never wanted to see him. But he had to do something. He wasn’t her family. But she was his.”

Shy and Tabby’s chemistry is electric, it could not and would not be denied. They have known each other for years, but Tabby is and always will be the MCs president’s daughter and Shy will always be a brother. The MC is very important to Shy and his brother’s mean the world to him. Tabby is now a nurse and Shy is a biker who works in a garage and auto supply store owned and operated by Chaos. Their lives could not be more different…yet they are the same. 

“Shy was giving me back me. He was guiding me to healing.”

This series draws you in, the characters are deep and layered, and the way they are written allows you to feel like you truly know them. Their thoughts and feelings are on display and it made me begin to fall very early on in the story. By the end I was totally and completely in love. Tabby and Shy’s story is not one that I would consider insta love. Although both of them are intensely attracted from the very beginning to one another their relationship builds over time and it’s intense. It’s touching and a little dramatic but most importantly it feels authentic and not at all forced. The writing in this book is fantastic and it reeled me in. Once I sunk into this book I had a very hard time putting it down and when I did I felt angry because I couldn’t just stay immersed among the pages.

“Gotta say, baby,” he murmured. “You’re beautiful always but you’re seriously fuckin’ beautiful when you’re takin’ me.”

I LOVED this book; I fell in love with ALL of it. The characters and their quirks, all of them even the supporting characters were fabulous and I love that there are other books in this series for me to read and love, focusing on the others in and around Chaos. I loved that there was a perfect amount of heat and sexiness to balance out the drama and tension. There is humor and romance; it has a little bit of everything for everyone who loves reading romance. If you’ve not yet started this series or heard of it, I highly recommend it, I enjoyed every minute of this book and I’ve already picked up Fire Inside, I cannot wait to start it, it’s going to be my next read. 

Fantastic writing, fabulous characters, motorcycles and danger, UBER hot sexy scenes, it’s a Kristen Ashley book for CS, what’s not to love? I mean really… GET CLICKING!!!!! 

“I never dreamed any fuckin’ dream,” he whispered, and the smile faded from her face as tears filled her eyes. She understood him. "Shy-" “Didn’t dream it, saw it, waited my time and then you gave it to me.”

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