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Jock by CM Foss is LIVE...

Title: Jock
Author: CM Foss
Release Date: Nov 2, 2015



She can't stand them.

Hates them.
Refuses to be one.

Tessa Brooks is strong-willed, sassy, and determined, on the brink of dominating in the testosterone-fueled sport of horse racing. She’s spent her life avoiding the norm, staying true to herself to achieve her ultimate goals.

Her relationship with Jace Hitchen, her brother's best friend, just might be the biggest cliche of all. Over the years, he’s been her protector, her annoyance, her confidante, her crush. But giving in to what she's really wanted for the last ten years could be the very thing that destroys everything she's worked for and wanted. Can Tessa achieve her dreams for the future, but still hold on to the past?


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5 STARS – Looking for a sexy, sweet, funny, and quirky read?

Jock checks all the boxes!

“I felt every look like he was branding me, hot and permanent. The wound would heal but the scar would remain, and I was fine with that.”

Jock is a 'friends to lovers' romance that spans the years of childhood right up to present day and adulthood. Tessa has known Jace for as long as she can remember. He’s always been part of her family, best friends with her brothers; he’s always been a part of her life in one way or another…

“Where was my breath? I felt like I was chasing it.”

Tessa has always dreamed of being a Jockey, and everyone knows this. She is driven, stubborn beyond reason, she has a tongue that is sharper than a tack. Completely at home on the back of a horse she will do whatever necessary and sacrifice everything to make her dreams come true…

Jace has goals. He’s completed his masters and is now the proud owner & operator of his own business. Catering to those who can afford his services, he provides security and peace of mind to his clients. He’s really sweet and caring, thoughtful, and protective of those he loves.
Lately, he’s been feeling things for his best friend’s sister that are leaving him feeling very confused…a sudden tragedy has left everyone grieving and raw.

“The air between us felt… thicker, the events from just a couple weeks ago bringing us closer than we were before. Maybe closer than we should be.”

This story is a light, funny, sexy, and quirky read. Jock is told from both Tessa and Jaces’ point of views, but let me warn you, Tessa is not your typical heroine. In fact, I’m not even sure that word applies to Tessa at all. She’s the girl that does what she wants and listens to no one. She has goals and dreams and nothing or no one is going to stand in her way of accomplishing something when she sets her mind to it. The life of a jockey, especially any successful one, is tough. A lack of sleep, food, social life, and hours after hours of grueling physical labour is demanded, but none of this really bothers Tessa. She wants this and she will accomplish it! She’s so incredibly focused on her career, she has very little time for relationships, but when Jace reappears at a family gathering, she feels a very definite shift, but then he’s gone…

Now torn between her feelings and desires, her exhaustion, and her food deprived brain what ensues is entertaining, frustrating, and hilarious. 
Did I mention SEXY??? Jace and Tessa’s sexual chemistry is HOT!!! 
The push and pull is addictive and the connection is undeniable.

“I wanted so much of her, all of her. I wanted to touch her and consume her, kiss her, make love to her…love her.
Was it right?
No. No, it wasn’t.
But it definitely didn’t feel wrong either.”

CM Foss gives us a story that is incredibly easy to read. It’s not overwrought with drama, it’s incredibly well written and it flows effortlessly. Tessa and Jace will steal your heart, and even though I wanted to throttle Tessa more than a few times, I understood her inner conflict and her sacrifices to a certain extent. Finding a balance between her life and her passion is going to be a challenge. Jace is kind of impossible not to love; he’s patient, kind, and thoughtful. He’s also dangerously good looking and knows how to get what he wants when he wants it… but Tessa is not going to make it easy for him, not even a little bit.

“His hand came up to grip my arm. There was something about the touch of skin on skin in such an innocent way that set my heart up into my throat and then back down. Really far down. I swear it was beating in my vagina. Yep, nope that was it. Lub dub. Between my legs. Vagina heartbeat.”

I enjoyed this newest book by CM Foss; it just felt authentic and natural, never forced. I loved the storyline, the characters with all of their quirks and banter and I fell in love with the romance. If you need a book to pull you out of a book hangover or something that’s just fun to read without all the drama, angst, and sadness, Jock is your book!

“Intense. Profound. Drunk on each other. Because weren’t the most intense and profound moments in life found we were drunk… on something.”

CM Foss has now ruined Birthday Cake gum for me! 
Every time I see a package I may gag  and snort laugh... but hey, it’s all good! 

Meet CM Foss...
CM Foss is a hopeless romantic with a love for the written word. When she was little, her mom would ration her books so she wouldn’t go through them too quickly. It didn’t matter, she would just re-read. She’s always been an avid equestrian, competing in the top levels of Three Day Eventing by age seventeen. CM now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and kids where they own and operate their own equestrian business, as well as raising grass-fed, sustainable meats. She doesn’t have this thing people call “free time”, but she does spend a weird amount of time writing, reading, playing with her kids, milking goats, and drinking wine, while avoiding bananas at all costs. Other books by CM Foss include Shiver, Swoon, and City Beautiful.

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This is a love story. 
This is a romantic story. 
Except bananas. Bananas are never romantic. 
Lissa was a twenty-year-old girl trying to make it in the equestrian world. She was sassy and smart, strong and a little weird. And she had no idea what she was doing. 
Ethan was twenty-seven, tattooed, tall, dark, and hot. And lugging some baggage. He’d already made it in the business and brought Lissa on to help get her on her feet. And it turned out, he liked a little weird. 
Ethan made it clear that he wasn’t in the market for a relationship. Lissa was happy to learn the ropes and push her attraction aside. 
But how do you draw the line when every touch makes you…shiver?

I’ve never been your typical girl. I didn’t grow up in a warm fuzzy family, and emotions weren’t something I needed now. Love has never been something I could wrap my mind around, so why bother? I know what I’m good at. I’m a great friend, have a passion for healing others, and a way with horses. I can be all those things at the same time without ever discussing my own feelings. 
Until him. 
I’ve always been told I have a way with words. It’s one reason I manage the family business so well. I can wine and dine with the best of them, selling bloodlines and high-priced stallion services over a five-course dinner. I’m able to talk myself into or out of just about anything and anyone. 
Until her. 
Young and carefree, living worlds apart, they indulged in what seemed like the perfect fling. 
Until Lawrence decided he wanted more. 
Until Steph’s careful world fell apart. 
Until they had to decide if love was worth the fight. 

Patrick Thompson is all city, all the time. A young doctor, once full of passion, now disillusioned by the practice, he sets off across the country, intent on a small breather before a fresh start. 
Ivy Lang loves the country way. So much so that she’s created a place where others can experience her ideas of the fundamentals for both mind and body. The life is perfect for her, carefully cultivated by her own hands. 
He’s waiting for something to inspire him. 
She finds inspiration all around her. 
A chance meeting turns their world upside down, and it’s up to them to create something beautiful. 

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