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Covet Me (The Royals Saga Book 5) by Geneva Lee

My Review

5 STARS AND THEN SOME! Geneva Lee has done it yet again!
Heart pounding and feels that never end, Covet Me will leave you breathless and screaming or more!

“But Smith Price wasn’t any man. He was something more - something primal and commanding. He stole my breath away and decided when I could have it back.”

Belle and Smith are back, Covet Me is book five in the positively addictive and scorching hot Royals Saga. I’ve devoured and adored each and every single book in this series! Covet Me was not the exception. I picked up this book in the morning and had it finished before lunch.


“She’s come in to my life deceptively, a pawn in an agenda she knew little about. Now that I’d made her part of my life for real, I would do everything in my power to help her achieve her dreams.”

Belle and Smith are at war with their sense of self-preservation, their overwhelming need to protect each other, and their indisputable connection. Smith is surrounded by danger and having Belle at his side in any way puts her in harm’s way. Belle being a target is not an option for Smith; he sees a future with her that he never dreamed he could have or thought he wanted. Belle is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Smith, even if that means risking herself in the process. But what started out as just a physical relationship that left them both breathless and overcome has grown to be so much more. Smith has a past that refuses to stay in the past, and he has enemies that are willing to go to any lengths necessary to silence him.

“Is this why you brought me here?” I whispered, my voice brittle with emotions building in me. “To break my heart again? Because I have news for you, there’s nothing left to break. It’s shattered – dust. Nothing will ever fix it.”

Covet Me is addictive and flawlessly written, Belle and Smith are two characters that you cannot help but love and getting a chance to revisit Clara and Alexander is just the cherry on top of this decadent and delicious experience. This series simply continues to get better with every single new installment. Every book is better than the last, and when I began Belle and Smith’s story I did not think it possible for me to love them as much as I did Clara and Alexander, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. I love them just as much, maybe even just a little bit more.

“Does it make you wet to know I own you?” I asked as my lips swept down her throat. “To know I’ve claimed you as mine?”

This book has passion, kink, intrigue, drama, murderous villains and secrets by the ton, and it’s relentless in its pacing. I raced through the pages and over the words, needing to finally have the answers I so desperately craved at the end of book one, and while I now have some theories and a better insight as to where we are heading next, I still need more. This book ends in a MASSIVE CLIFFY, but do not let that you deter you from going in to this book, or beginning this series, it would be a monumental mistake. If you love your Alphas, controlling, powerful, fearless and sexier than sin, Smith Price will own you. If you love your heroines feisty, smart, compassionate, talented and loyal, Belle is going to steal your heart from the very start.

“His actions – his words – could kill me. I’d opened myself to him, exposed my weakness. But he’d shown me his as well. He’d taken my heart and transplanted it with his own. Apart we were unguarded - defenseless to the outside world. Together we were invincible.”

Covet Me is perfection from start to finish, even though I may have cursed and thrown a massive temper tantrum when I reached the end. The best books always make you feel, and I had all the feels with this one. Geneva Lee continues to hold me captive with each new chapter in this series. She is relentless when it comes to delivering an enslaving romance that’s both emotional and insanely sexy. Covet Me will ensnare you from the start and Capture Me needs to release tomorrow…

Congrats Geneva on yet another spellbinding romance, now please get back to the writing cave… *Cracks Whip*

“There was no fear at Smith’s hand. No trepidation. He’s taken my body and given his very soul in return.”

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