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Across the Ocean
Heather Sosbee
Brooke has spent the last four years dreaming of visiting Iceland. When everything in her life seems to fall apart, she takes it as a sign that now is the time to go. She heads to the land where the sun doesn’t set, the mountains are fierce, and the hot pools are divine.
Ari is the handsome Viking that Brooke has fallen for over the years through the Internet. Now that she finally gets to meet him in person, she’s unprepared for how steamy things are between them. Only Ari isn’t available. He’s involved with a woman whose jealousy brings nothing but torment between Brooke and Ari. Will Ari choose Brooke? Or will she be forced to leave all of her dreams behind?

This book is for mature audiences only, due to sexual content, language, and difficult scenarios
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5+ Sexy Stars! 
This book has a very special place in my heart. I was a Beta on this book. Across the Ocean is a modern love story, erotic and very sexy. 
Two complete strangers, Brooke and Ari meet via MSN Chat. With an ocean and thousands of miles separating them, an undeniable connection is formed. Their relationship builds and grows over time. Years in fact. Friendship first, later love, desire, lust, longing. 
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The sexiest MSN video chat EVER! *fans self* 

Brooke travels to Iceland, unexpectedly on the back end of a bad break up. Seeking her best friends, Emilia, and Ari for support and comfort. This is where their story begins.
The supporting characters Gunnar, Lara, Emilia, Soley, are essential to the story as well. Emilia is Brooke's best friend and I loved her, supportive, understanding, everything a girl needs in a best friend. Gunnar, Ari's best friend, incredibly sexy. Lara, Ari's now girlfriend, and Emilia's close friend. Well let's not go there. I could go on for days. It would not be pretty... I digress.
Ari and Brooke are both torn, emotionally and physically between what is right and what they desire, have longed for, for years now. Ari is in a relationship, when Brooke arrives. I found it refreshing and endearing that these characters struggled to deny their feelings and desires.  Inner monologues from both Ari and Brooke, give you as a reader both perspectives, it's a brilliant idea and it works beautifully.
I had many favourite moments in Across the Ocean, but my most favourite without a doubt, the scenes with Brooke's "dark side".
"I want him closer, I want him to watch me. I'm dying for him to put his hands on me, his lips, and his tongue. A fleeting thought passes me and I really, really hope Lara is fast asleep. My dark side is shining tonight, and she's going to get a little dirty"
I loved every moment Brooke stopped over analysing her every thought and feeling. When her emotions and desires are in control we get the best scenes. 
I loved the MSN chats that were inter weaved into the story, it allows you as a reader, to watch Ari and Brooke's relationship grow and evolve over time naturally. You see where the feelings begin to change.
"These years I have known you, I've never felt more open and honest with anyone. I felt like you knew me better than anyone else, even though we had never met."
The scene at the church, remains as one of my favourites. It's imprinted in my mind.
The scenic scenes are so vividly written, you are transported to magnificent Iceland. Heather Sosbee does an amazing job of creating beautiful pictures within her words. You can envision every scene playing out before you.
 If you enjoy erotic romance, with true heart, Across the Ocean needs to be on your reading list. It has realistic characters and dialogue, a beautiful setting, drama, angst, and some of the steamiest scenes I have ever read. This is a deliciously seductive debut, not to be missed.
 Thank you Universe and Heather Sosbee for Across the Ocean.
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