Friday, December 27, 2013

Fan Girl Book Blogs Favorites
These books are the ones that have I have been amazed and obsessed with this year. They will give you all the feels. If you are looking for emotional, super sexy, and heartbreaking reads, these will surpass your expectations, I personally  guarantee it.
Happy Reading!
 * Fixed on You, Found in You and Forever with You*
 Laurelin Paige
Found in You
Forever with You - NYR - 01/13/14
* The Best Laid Plans*
Tamara Mataya
To Be Released November 2013
Jasinda Wilder
 Katy Evans
* Beauty From Pain and Beauty From Surrender*
Georgia Cates
*Beneath the burn* 
 Pam Godwin
*Falling Into You and Falling Into Us*
 Jasinda Wilder
*Collide and Pulse*
Gail McHugh
 *Driven and Fueled*
K. Bromberg
*Consequences, Truth and Convicted*
 Aleatha Romig
*The Mighty Storm and Wethering The Storm*
Samantha Towle

*Thoughtless, Effortless and Reckless*
S.C. Stephens
*Left Drowning*
Jessica Park
Leah Raeder
*True Love Story*
Willow Aster
*Present Perfect*
Alison G. Bailey
*Finding Love's Wings*
Zoey Derrick
*Walking Disaster*
Jamie McGuire
*Safe with Me*
Kristen Proby
*Entwined with You* 
Sylvia Day
*More Than This and More Than Her*
Jay McLean
Samantha Towle
*Night Owl*
M. Pierce
*Finding Cinderella*
Colleen Hoover

*Losing Hope*
Colleen Hoover

 *The Songs of Submission Series*
CD Reiss
*Beg Book 1*
*Tease Book 2 *
*Submit Book 3*
*Control Book 4*
*Burn Book 5*
*Resist Book 6*
*Sing Book 7*
*Across the Ocean*
Heather Sosbee


Elizabeth said...

Many amazing titles in that list. Thanks for new one to add to my list!

FanGirl Book Blog said...

Thank You Elizabeth for stopping by!! *Big Waves* :-)

Zoey Derrick said...

Wow!! That is some seriously AMAZING Company.

Zoey Derrick said...

Thank You FanGirl!! :-) <3!!